applying to university

Applying to University

Applying to university can be a bit of minefield, especially knowing what you should be doing at any given time. To help we’ve broken down the process by month from now until moving in next October.


  • Make sure your personal statement is written and proofread. We’ll be blogging about Personal Statements later this month, so make sure you’re following the Host socials (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) for that blog.
  • Speak to your tutor about completing your UCAS reference.
  • Start thinking about your top two universities.
  • Visit open days; take a look at this blog all about open days.
  • And as a minimum start researching your student accommodation, but if you know where you’ll be studying book your Host accommodation as soon as possible to secure your room choice. Can’t visit the site for a look around? Most of our locations have 360o tours, video tours or we can organise a virtual tour on Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc.


  • Still unsure on which universities you want to study at? Then visit as many open days as possible.
  • Received an offer from your chosen uni’s? Then be prepared to be invited to visit the uni for an interview or general applicant day. Take a look at our guide to Applicant Days here.


  • 15th January is the 2021 entry deadline for all UCAS Undergraduate courses, except those that had a 15th October deadline.
  • Student Finance England portal opens in mid-January. You should apply regardless if you have an offer or know which uni you will be studying at.
  • Know where you’ll be studying? It’s time to start viewing and booking your Host student accommodation for the best rooms available.


  • UCAS Extra opens on the 25th February if you’ve had no offers or you declined offers, you will be able to apply for new courses. Check out the UCAS guide to Extra here.

March & April

  • Visit open days for your offer uni’s and while you’re at it make sure to book an appointment to view your Host accommodation within the city.


  • If you receive all your uni decisions by 31st March, then you must reply to all offers – firm, insurance or decline by the 5th May, otherwise, they’ll all be declined.
  • If you applied by 15th January and you’re still waiting on a decision, the uni’s have until 6th May to decide whether they’re making you an offer or not.
  • Throughout May, your offer uni’s may ask for more information, make sure to respond to any requests as soon as you can.
  • Update your student finance application before the end of May.


  • If you receive all your uni decisions by 6th May, then you must reply to all offers – firm, insurance or decline by the 3rd June, otherwise, they’ll all be declined. However, if you receive all your uni decisions by 3rd June you have until the 17th June to respond.
  • The application deadline for the 2021/22 entry cycle is 6pm on the 30th June after this time you will be automatically be entered into Clearing.


  • 4th July is the last date that you can apply for a uni course through UCAS Extra. That’s because Clearing 2021 opens on the 5th July. Take a look at Host’s guide to clearing here.
  • BTEC and International Baccalaureate results are published in July. Once you’ve received your results make sure to check UCAS Track for the status of your uni application(s).
  • If you applied by the 30th June and you’re still waiting on a decision, the uni’s have until 13th July to decide whether they’re making you an offer.
  • If you receive all your uni decisions by the 13th July, you must reply to any offers by the 14th July (including Extra), yes that’s just a day! otherwise, they’ll be marked as declined.


The month when it all happens, but don’t worry all the hard work of applying to university is done.

  • A-level results are published on the 24th August, while Scottish students will have received their results on the SQA Results day which takes place on the 10th August.
  • Once you’ve received your results make sure to check UCAS Track for the status of your uni application(s).
  • If you didn’t meet the entry requirements for your firm or insurance choices, contact the uni to see if they will accept your results. Otherwise, you still have the option to enter Clearing.
  • Don’t forget that once you have your results you must also update your student finance application.
  • Adjustment opens on the 19th August If you’ve met or exceeded the conditions for your firm choice, you could look for an alternative course – Adjustment lets you do this.
  • If you have any outstanding offer conditions, they must be met by 31st August otherwise, the uni might not accept you. Adjustment also ends on 31st August.

September & October

  • Enrol at your new university.
  • 21st September final date for entry applications.
  • Move into your new Host home and start uni!

And that’s how to apply to university! – Keep a look out for more tips on applying to university in the Host blogs. Follow the Host socials (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) to see them first.

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