Ultimate packing List for Festivals

Ultimate Packing List for Festivals

Going to a festival is far more than getting your ticket and turning up. Although that sounds fun and wildly freeing, the reality is you need to be prepared and the more prepared you are, the more fun you’ll have, trust us. Host have provided the ultimate festival packing list you so you can spend more time listening to the line-up before you go, and less time waiting for your mates to tell you what they’re bringing in the group chat.

Firstly, don’t get duped. If you are unsure about the authenticity of your ticket, contact the festival organiser and they can confirm via your ticket bar code and serial number.

Ultimate festival packing list - tent


Whether you’re sharing with a mate or using your own tent, it’s good to know which one you will be using ahead of time so there are no surprises. If you are unsure, we recommend this 2 person, 4 person and 6 person one from Amazon.

Festival Packing List

Pillows + Mat + Sleeping Bag

Inflatable pillows are far more comfortable than a bag of your clothes, whilst being way more convenient to carry than your typical feathered one. Get yourself a thick sleeping mat too, as the thin ones aren’t very comfortable. When that sun drops, you will want to make sure your sleeping bag is warm enough, so if you are tempted to just opt for the cheapest one then you’ll want to think twice.

Earplugs + Eye mask

Earplugs + Eye mask

It can sometimes be difficult to sleep when surrounded by groups of people living their best life. Get a pair of decent earplugs and sleep peacefully. Couple this up with an eye mask and get them extra couple of hours of beauty sleep.

Water Bottle

Water Bottle

Whether this is your first festival or not, we have all heard about how everything to eat and drink at festivals are ridiculously expensive. Save yourself the headache (quite literally) and get yourself a reusable water bottle that you can fill up for free! – If you’ve got one don’t forget your Host environmentally friendly bottle.

Festival Packing list - food


While there’ll no doubt be amazing street food everywhere, snacks will be your saviour. They’ll be lightweight, easy to carry and easy to eat. Cereal bars. Protein Bars. Crisps. Biscuits. Popcorn. We also recommend something a bit healthier too, so get yourself some fruit and nuts to kick the day off.

Staying Clean

Staying Clean

Wet wipe showers are real, amazing, and very much necessary if you do not want to spend your mornings queuing for a shower. Get yourself some biodegradable ones too so that they’re easily destroyed. You will need toilet roll; this is also essential and will come in extremely handy.

Staying fresh can be difficult at a festival, so ensure to bring deodorant, your toothbrush, and some toothpaste. We recommend getting a camping towel too, this nifty thing will dry quicker than your standard one.

Sun-cream. Sun-cream! Do not forget this crucial item otherwise your amazing weekend will come tumbling down on you as you’re laid in your tent, burnt, wondering where it all went so wrong.



When you’re excited for the sun and music, it can be difficult thinking about the correct attire. As well your standard summer gear, bring a warm jumper for them nights by the tent, and a rain mac so nothing can stop your fun. A pair of Wellies, with Wellies Socks will also be ideal, to help stop that Wellie rub that gets us all.

Get yourself a trendy little bum bag too, this way you won’t need to worry about stuff falling out of your tiny short-pockets. Also, if you aren’t turning up with a pair of sunglasses, then go grab a pair. Please.

Other essentials

Other essentials:

Payment – When you decide to treat yourself, you’ll need to decide whether you’re paying by card or cash, and what your limits are for both. Additionally, a small budget can be a fantastic tool to ensure your weekend doesn’t go overboard.

Torch – Save your phone battery and bring an actual torch with you, we even recommend head torches, so your hands don’t have to be holding it all the time. A head torch is a necessity for the ultimate festival packing list!

Battery Pack – Your phone will run out of battery eventually, and probably when you don’t want it too, like when you’re recording your favourite band or thinking about the perfect caption for your new Instagram post. If you’re as prepared as we recommend, then bring a battery pack with you and carry it in that bum bag so nothing can stop you.

Bin Bags – Be sensible and bring bin bags, so that anything you bring with you, can also leave with you. Otherwise, you could end up being that person, and no one wants to be that person.

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