Moving in day: what to expect

You’ve packed everything that you can physically fit into your family car. And said goodbye (tearful or otherwise) to your friends back home. Pulling up to your new uni home will be a bit of a whirlwind. Between finding somewhere to park and what you will need to take into reception to check in on move in day.

Move in day can feel stressful, but the main thing is that once it’s over and you’re in your new room – the fun can begin.

The very important bits.

Firstly! The last thing that should be packed on top of all your bags and boxes to take with you should be all your check in information, ID and other important documents in an easily accessible folder. It’s just better to have it quickly to hand and if you have any questions or issues, you can ask when you get there.

Those last few checks.

When you get to see your room for the first time, you’ll be thinking about mainly how to decorate your space. Or where your clothes will live.

Before you arrive at your student accommodation, you should already have been sent information about the procedures in place for check in, fire safety, using certain facilities etc. What you will need to complete is a room inventory checklist. This is to make sure that you are happy with the condition that your room is in when you receive it.

Everything should already be in perfect order for you anyway – but if there is something that you notice that may not feel quite right – you can record it, and have it checked out if you need to.

Take your time filling it out carefully.

A less exciting type of unboxing.

You don’t have to unpack everything that same day/night – and to be honest no one has the energy too (Still need to pack? Check our what to bring to uni blog).

You might want to pack a survival bag with essentials for the first night or two. And then when you have some down time a bit later you can sort out where your stuff is going.

To the shops!

Depending on where you choose to live, you’ll probably be sharing a kitchen space with a few people. And at some point, you’ll want to think about filling it with food from the local supermarket. Walking those new aisles can be a great bonding experience with your new flatmates. You don’t have to plan your meals a week in advance. But for the next few days, and then you can decide on how you’re going to manage your food shopping.

Those first impressions.

Everyone will be a bit nervous not knowing anyone around move in- but there’ll be plenty of time to get to know each other. Try and talk to everyone and be kind and interested in getting to know them. Keep your door open,  and offer to put the kettle on.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and that goes for your uni home too.  You’ll probably spend more time in there making new friends than you thought you would.

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