Sheffield Hallam

Sheffield Hallam University was founded in 1843, originally as the Sheffield School of Design and in response to the industrial revolution, in which Sheffield established itself as a leading centre for steel production. Granted university status in 1992, the university is now the sixth largest in the UK with nearly 25,000 full time students, including 4,000 students from overseas.

The university is based on two sites, a city campus located closed to the railway station and the Collegiate Crescent, divided into four faculties: Faculty of Science, Technology, and Arts, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Faculty of Health and Wellbeing and Sheffield Business School.

Sheffield is the greenest city in England, with over 200 parks and more trees per head than any other city in Europe.

Host – Central Quay is a 11 minute bus ride or a 18 minute walk from the university’s city campus and a 24 minute bus ride from the Collegiate Campus.

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