New Year's Resolution

10 easy resolutions you can keep this year

It’s a New Year which often means new beginnings for a lot of people. Most people set a New Year’s resolution on 1st January and within a few days or weeks, they’ve given up on their resolution. But as we approach the end of the first month of 2019, and you’re back into a routine and the post-Christmas slump has passed, now is the perfect time to set yourself a realistic resolution. If you’re struggling to come up with a resolution we’ve put together a list of 10 that you could help you feel better this year:

1. Get more sleep


Sleep plays a huge part in how we feel on a day-to-day basis. We should aim to get around 7-9 hours of sleep a night. If you struggle with getting enough sleep then create a sleep schedule for going to bed and waking up that you’ll be able to stick to. You may have to sacrifice those last-minute all-nighters but when you get enough sleep, you’ll be surprised how much more energy you have during the day.

2. Eat better


Students often rely on cheap and convenience foods when it comes to meal time. However, this isn’t always great for your health; so, make 2019 the year you eat better. Look online for recipes and get inspired to cook your own fresh meals; it will be much healthier and can be just as cheap and easy! And if you’re living in a shared flat, cooking is a great way to get all flatmates together and involved. You could even take it in turns through the week to cook for each other.

3. Get organised


Getting organised can be hard, but it’s essential for students – especially during exam season! A great way to start is with a diary or utilise the one on your smart phone, this way you’ll always know about upcoming deadlines, exam dates and social events. Plan out times for studying and times for taking a break. If you’re organised you’re less likely to procrastinate and that ever-growing list of things ‘to-do’ will stay under control.

4. Manage your money


The desire to blow your student loan in the first few weeks on things you don’t really need is tempting, but is it really worth it when you’re then surviving on 50p noodles for the rest of the term? To avoid such situations, it’s a good idea to set yourself a budget. Make a list of any essential things you need to pay for such as food, travel and mobile phone bill, and how much you will need. Once you’ve budgeted for all necessary things, any spare money can go towards socialising, clothes etc. You may even wish to get a part time job for a bit of extra money.

5. Exercise


Whether it’s going for a run, playing football or doing yoga, any exercise is a great way to clear your mind. Endorphins released will create a positive feeling which in turn will reduce stress, boost your self-esteem and improve sleep, along with keeping you fit and healthy. It’s even better to do this with a friend as it will make it more enjoyable and you will help keep each other motivated.

6. Get outside 


As a student, a lot of your time is spent inside attending lectures or classes, doing coursework or sleeping! But it’s important that you make time to go outside; going outside has many mental and physical health benefits. Going for a quick walk is a great way to de-stress after a hectic day, whilst getting a bit of light exercise in at the same time. On drier, sunnier days you could even take your work outside rather than being cooped up inside all day! You’ll feel much better breathing in some fresh air than what you would of if you had stayed in and watched Netflix.

7. Take breaks


Working all hours of the day is not productive and can lead to stress. It’s important you take a break from work, even during busy times. See friends, go to the gym, do anything to take your mind off your deadlines and exams. When you get back to it you’ll feel refreshed and ready to go.

8. Keep your surroundings clean


A tidy space means a tidy mind! Your surroundings make a big impact when studying; if your room is unorganised, then you may find it hard to be productive as your mind will be all over the place too. So, if you want to be more productive in 2019, vow to be tidier! Simple things such as making your bed in the morning or putting your washing away will increase your productivity levels throughout the day, as you’ll have a clear space to work in and will feel like you have already accomplished something each morning.

9. Get involved in university activities


Looking to try something new this year? Universities always offer a large amount of extracurricular activities. Joining a society or signing up for an activity is a great way to discover a new hobby and learn something new and will also keep you occupied when you’re not studying or at lectures. It’s also a great way to meet new people outside of your regular classes or flat mates.

10. Explore your city


Whether you’re a first year or final year student, how well do you really know the city you’re living and studying in? If you’ve not yet had chance, now is a great opportunity to be a tourist in the city. Keep an eye out for local events taking place, take trips to nearby attractions, discover beaches or parks and try out hidden bars and unique restaurants. This will make your experience living away from home so much more enjoyable.

We wish you a wonderful 2019 and the best of luck with sticking to your resolutions, but if you don’t manage to stick to them 100%, don’t beat yourself up about it. New habits and routines can take time, so take it easy and make gradual changes. The most important thing is trying and seeing what works well for you.

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