About Host

Who is Host?
Where does Host have accommodation?
Why should I stay at Host?

Living with Host

Do I have to be a student to live with Host?
Do I need to take out contents insurance?
Can I connect to the internet?
Do I need to move out during the holidays?
Do you have staff at your properties?
When is the management office open?

Safety and support

How safe are Host properties?
What happens if I have a maintenance problem?
What does fully-furnished kitchen mean?
How do I know that Host is a good landlord?

Booking, paying and the small print

How can I make a booking?
Do I pay a deposit?
What are the Terms and Conditions of staying with Host?
What does being a guarantor mean?
When do I pay my rent?
How do I cancel a booking?

About Host:

Who is Host?
Host is a private specialist student accommodation company that builds and manages premium quality student accommodation. Something we’ve been doing since 1996. Everything we do is designed to help students get more out of their university experience; from offering comfortable, stylish rooms to also ensuring all costs are covered in your rent. It’s hassle-free freedom.  

Where does Host have accommodation?
We currently offer homes in:

  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Cambridge
  • Cardiff
  • Carlisle
  • Chester
  • Colchester
  • Coventry
  • Dublin
  • Exeter
  • Huddersfield
  • Leicester
  • Liverpool
  • London
  • Nottingham
  • Oxford
  • Plymouth
  • Sheffield 
  • Southampton

Why should I live at Host?
We want you to have the best student experience possible. That means going beyond just providing somewhere comfy and practical to live; we want you to live somewhere you feel safe and happy. And we have staff on-hand 24/7 to ensure that’s the case.

Consequently, we’ve been awarded with an International Accommodation Quality Mark and have also been voted Best Private Halls Provider 2019 & 2018 and Best Value for Money 2016 in the National Student Housing Survey. So, the question should really be, why should I not stay at Host?


Living with Host:

Do I have to be a student to live with Host?
To take out a tenancy with us you need to be eligible for council tax exemption. This applies to all full-time students and some part-time students. However, if you’re unsure, your university or college should be able to let you know. During the summer months some of our halls offer summer accommodation which is available to students and sometimes non-students as well. 

Do I need to take out contents insurance?
No, you do not. Contents insurance is automatically included with your rent. Host is working in partnership with and their student insurance, Cover4Students, to provide some cover for the contents inside your room. You don’t need to do anything to activate this cover, but it is important for you to check and ensure that you fully understand the protection provided and whether it is sufficient for your needs.

Visit to:

  • Check your level of cover
  • Review key exclusions and limitations
  • Check your policy excess
  • Learn how to make a claim
  • Extend and personalise your cover to protect additional items such as bicycles, musical instruments and photographic equipment

Host share your details with Cover4insurance for the purpose of providing you with contents insurance.

Can I connect to the internet?
Absolutely. A super-fast internet connection is available in every Host bedroom. But just so you know, broadband arrangements do vary in some halls, so please visit the site-specific FAQs or contact your chosen hall to find out more.

Do I need to move out during the holidays?
Your Host contract is for a fixed length of time – so your room is yours during that period. That means that you don’t have the hassle of moving your belongings out during the Christmas or Easter vacations, and you can choose to stay in your property over these holidays if you want. It’s usually possible to book additional accommodation over the summer period if you want to stay then too. But we advise booking early to ensure rooms are available.

Do you have staff at your properties?
Every Host home has a team of trained staff on site to respond to meet your needs. Their job is to make your Host experience as enjoyable as possible.

Our on-site management offices are open Monday to Friday. During these times we will answer any questions, respond to any issues and offer advice, as well as ensure a friendly face is there to greet you every day.

Many of our properties also have a highly skilled team of caretakers who are available around the clock. They’re there to resolve any maintenance issues quickly and efficiently – keeping the site safe and secure. Security guards also support the caretaker team on most sites to ensure there’s a 24/7 presence. Please check at your chosen location to confirm details.

While most students settle into living away from home quickly, we understand it can take a little longer for some than others. So, while our tenancy agreement limits how far we can get involved, our people are trained to offer advice that helps residents to overcome a range of issues.

For your peace of mind, all our people are criminal record background checked.

When is the management office open?
The management office is open Monday to Friday, each week. The opening hours are 9am-6pm Monday-Thursday and 9am-5pm on a Friday*.

* please check with your chosen location for full details as times can vary from hall to hall.

Safety and support:

How safe are Host properties?
Host takes safety seriously. Many of our properties have a member of staff or security guard on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure help is always at hand should the need arise. Please check with your chosen location to see if this service is available.

In addition, electronic door entry systems, intercoms and CCTV ensure that everyone who lives with us enjoys a high standard of security and the safest possible environment. So they can get on with enjoying themselves.

What happens if I have a maintenance problem?
Every Host home has a dedicated caretaker team to respond to and solve your maintenance issues. We respond to every issue quickly and, if possible, will complete the repair during the first visit. Of course, this isn’t always possible and there are times when parts need to be ordered or external contractors arranged. When this happens, we’ll keep you updated on the progress.

What does fully-furnished kitchen mean?
Host designs homes that provide everything you need to enjoy living with us. Our flats come kitted out with all your cooking appliances: cooker, hob, kettle, toaster and microwave – and some sites also provide cutlery, crockery and cooking utensils*.

* please check with your chosen location for full details as appliances can vary from hall to hall.

How do I know that Host is a good landlord?
Host is proud to agree to the principals required by the ANUK Code of Standards. Fully supported by NUS, the National Code is voluntary and aimed at both educational establishments and private sector suppliers. Those who join make a commitment to provide students with a first-class housing service and agree to provide information, reassurance and a clear procedure if a dispute occurs.

Living in a building covered by the Code means:

  • Your contract is clearly written, stating what you are paying for and how much your rent is, with reasonable terms and no hidden costs.
  • Best practice day-to-day management is supported and recognised.
  • Your accommodation should be fully prepared for you when you arrive to take up residence.
  • Your accommodation meets with a set of nationally recognised standards in respect to services, furniture and fittings.
  • Repairs and maintenance are carried out within agreed timescales.
  • Your building will meet with, and exceed, the required health and safety standards.
  • You will be given information to explain what management routines are followed in the buildings.
  • There’s a set and accountable procedure for dealing with any disputes or complaints.

Booking, paying and the small print:

How can I make a booking?
The process for booking a room at our properties is all done via our online booking portal. To book a room, simply select any of our booking buttons on our property and rooms pages, or select the My Account / Book Now button at the top of this website. 

In order for a direct booking to be confirmed, all required documents must be returned including a guarantor agreement, tenancy agreement, initial rent payment and provision for your rent payments. Any incomplete or incorrect applications will not be accepted. A booking will only be confirmed by Host once all the necessary documentation has been supplied.

For some of our properties, it’s not possible to book directly with Host and you must apply through the relevant university accommodation office. For further information, visit the FAQ section on the website for your chosen location.

Do I pay a deposit?
No you don’t. Any payment you make upon booking is part of your rental payment. 

What are the Terms and Conditions of staying with Host?
All rooms that are let directly to students are done so using an assured short-hold tenancy agreement (or Licence to Reside in Ireland). These agreements outline what is expected of the resident and, similarly, Host’s obligations as a landlord.

The agreements are a legally binding document and should be read carefully. Once signed they are for a fixed term and should the resident wish to move out of the accommodation before the end date, they will remain liable for the full rent until the end of the contracted period and are responsible for the condition of the property regardless of whether they are staying in the hall or not.

For locations where you book through a university accommodation office rather than directly with Host, you may be provided with a different type of agreement. Please visit the FAQ section on the website of your chosen property for further information.

What does being a guarantor mean?
All students who wish to take up our rent instalment plan are required to provide a UK guarantor (excludes the Isle of Man and also the Channel Islands).

By agreeing to be a guarantor, you are signing a legal document stating that you agree to pay the rent and guarantee the behaviour of the resident if they default. Please do not sign this agreement if you do not wish to take on this responsibility.

Any student who does not have a UK guarantor will be required to pay the full year’s rent upon application.

When do I pay my rent?
Our rent dates and amounts are set out clearly on the website and within our application literature. You can also find out when payments are due by logging into your online account. Please note: your rent may be due before the contract begins and that the dates may not coincide with student loan dates. This should be taken into consideration when planning your accommodation as late payments may be subject to interest charges and, in some cases, legal action against the resident and their guarantor.

How do I cancel a booking?
If you cancel your contract before the contract begins, or you want to cancel and move out early, you will be subject to our cancellation terms and charges. You can find the Cancellation Policy beneath the pricing options for the room you have booked, as well as a link in your chosen accommodation’s FAQs. Alternatively, you can also contact your accommodation directly and request a copy of the policy.