Equality & Diversity

Our statement of commitment.

Host is committed to providing services which embrace diversity and that promote equality of opportunity. As an accommodation provider, we are committed to a policy of treating all residents, potential residents, employees and potential employees equally.

Our goal is to ensure that these commitments, reinforced by our values, strategy and purpose, are embedded in our daily working practises with all of our colleagues, residents and partners.

All members of staff take seriously our responsibility to support and uphold our policy, and we will not tolerate discrimination of any resident, potential resident, employee or potential employee. Nor shall any person receive less favourable treatment or consideration on the grounds of their sex, sexual orientation, marital or civil partnership status, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, disability, age, pregnancy or maternity status (Protected Characteristics); or any other requirements that cannot be justified as necessary on operational grounds.

We will demonstrate our commitment by ensuring that all employees at Host are instructed that:

  • There should be no discrimination of any Protected Characteristics, treating our residents, colleagues and partners fairly and with respect.
  • Employees will be appointed, trained, developed and promoted on the basis of merit and ability alongside building a workforce which reflects our diverse customer base.
  • Employees all have personal responsibility for the practical application of our Equality & Diversity Policy.
  • Responsibility for the practical application of our Equality & Diversity Policy falls upon any person involved in the recruitment, selection, promotion and training of employees and in all dealings with residents and potential residents, with special responsibility falling upon our team of Equality & Diversity Coordinators.
  • Host operates a separate Grievance Procedure which is available to any employee who believes they may have been the subject of any unfair discrimination.
  • Disciplinary action will be taken, in accordance with our separate Disciplinary Policy, against any employee or resident who is found to have committed an act of unfair discrimination.
  • In the case of any doubt or concern about the application of the Policy in any particular instance, any resident, potential resident, employee or potential employee should consult the lead Equality & Diversity Coordinator.

Each person working for Host has a personal responsibility for implementing and promoting these principles in their day-to-day dealings with customers, with each other as employees and with partners. Customers are also expected to implement these principals when dealing with our staff and each other. Inappropriate behavior originating from any party is not acceptable and will not be tolerated in any instance.

If you would like to request a full copy of our Equality and Diversity policy, or to report an issue regarding the application of our policy, please do so in writing by emailing

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