Charitable causes supported by Host

Host is proud to work with a number of local, national and global charities and community organisations, supporting the work they do and helping to make a difference to those in need. We aim to positively impact those in need through fundraising, volunteering, donations and by raising awareness.

Our employees are committed to supporting many great causes and play a huge role in making a difference. With such a large community of students living with us across the UK and Ireland, we also encourage student participation and engagement where appropriate.

Below you can learn more about the great causes we support – and how we help them do what they do.

Food donation banks

Throughout the year,  particularly at times when students are vacating our accommodation for Christmas and Summer, we collect unwanted non-perishable food items to help people in need.

We support food bank collections such as those organised by Co-Op Food Share and The Trussell Trust.

Charity donation bags

When our students move out at the end of the year, they quite often leave their unwanted items behind. Instead of these quality items being thrown away, we encourage our students to donate their unwanted items including clothes, shoes, bags, and books to a good cause.

In all of our accommodations, we have British Heart Foundation (BHF) and/or Cancer Research donation points and bags for our students to donate their unwanted items to these two fantastic charities.

Supporting the OddBalls Foundation

We support the OddBalls Foundation in breaking the stigma and getting every man talking about Testicular Cancer. Around 2,300 men each year in the UK are diagnosed with Testicular Cancer; The most common type of cancer to affect men between the ages of 15 – 34. Statistics from Cancer Research shows that on average there are 253 diagnoses of Testicular Cancer in 15 to 24 year olds rising sharply to 794 diagnoses in 25 to 34 year olds each year.⁣⁣
If detected early, 95% of sufferers will make a complete recovery, and as university accommodation providers we have unrivalled access to those who would be most likely affected by Testicular Cancer and get the message out there before it’s too late. ⁣⁣⁣

Staff supporting charity

Along with the three nominated charities of the year which everyone at Host supports, many of our employees go above and beyond to support causes they are most passionate about.

From bike rides and boxing matches, to marathon runs and mountain walks, our employees regularly take part in national events to raise money for charity.

To learn more about the charities Host support, or to find out if we can help support your cause, contact us at