New Year’s Resolutions to get the grades | Study tips for 2023

We’re not one for the clichéd New Year’s Resolutions of diet, exercise, stop drinking etc. because let’s face it, how many of us stick to them beyond a week or two.
But should you want to smash those grades and achieve great results in 2023? Then take a look at our 10 top study tips to give you a helping hand this year…

Take good lecture notes.

Now, this may sound obvious but how many of us just right the odd few words and hope and pray the lecturer uploads the lecture notes later that day?
Writing good lecture notes will save you a lot of time when it comes to revision. Consider having a separate notebook for each module or at least start a new page. Set up a folder and keep any handouts or presentation printouts together in date order. Avoid trying to write paragraphs the odd bullet point, keywords and the concepts are all you need at this point. When you get back to your student accommodation, sit down, revisit and expand your notes.

Be organised.

Top Study tip: Later in the year when you have to revise, you can waste a lot of time sourcing the material you need to be able to study. So, spend the first few weeks of 2023 sorting all your notes out and try to keep everything organised in your study space and by topic. So, when the times comes you don’t spend hours trying to find that one PowerPoint slide from last October.

Be more visual.

Get onto Instagram and search #StudyGram, you’ll be surprised how visual you can make even the most boring of uni notes. Most of us, whether we know it or not are visual learning and we need sights, images, and visual concepts to make things stick. So, try adding a bit of visuality to your notes with diagrams or charts or colour coding elements of your notes.

Get out of bed.

Another study tip for you. Now we all love studying in bed with Netflix on in the background but make it a new year’s resolution to avoid doing so. We subconsciously associate our beds with relaxing and sleeping so our brains won’t be switched to knowledge in-take gear if you’re under that lovely warm duvet.

Have a break.

Do a bit. Rest. Do a bit. Rest. Repeat. – Break up your revision schedule with short breaks. A good study break is all about switching off from studying for a half-hour or so. Avoid Netflix or a session on your socials. Instead, get outside for a walk, do some meal prep etc.

Reward yourself.

Be smart. You can’t be all about study, sleep, study, sleep. When you smash that study goal or master a tricky topic. Reward yourself, a quick game on COD or an episode of your latest Netflix binge.

Mix it up.

Don’t be a fool and focus on just one module. With this study tip, mix it up and study a bunch of different materials in one session. This technique will make sure your brain doesn’t just get tunnel vision.

Get you head around the general concepts.

Linked to our ‘Be more visual’ study tip. Try not to worry about learning all the details until you have got your head around the hang of the main ideas. If you don’t understand what you’re studying, it won’t stick.

Keep it simple and try explaining it to a ten-year-old.

Try to explain what you are studying to an imaginary ten-year-old. What this means is you will have to simplify the concept right down and break it down to its most simple parts.

Feed your brain.

Our last study tip is one that we all fail. Keep your brain well fed. Don’t get stuck in the rut of Red Bull, Oreo’s and loads of tea/Coffee. You need your brain to be in its peak condition for all that info to sink in. So, stay hydrated and don’t let your body crash. Keep your blood sugar up with things like nuts, raisins, bananas, and slow releasing energy like oats and apples. Oh, and make sure you get plenty of sleep.

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