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The 4R’s of a new routine.

Remember in school when teachers used to bang on about the 3R’s which were really confusing as only one of the three actually began with an R. Well slightly less confusing, here we have the 4R’s of a new routine. During lockdown 1.0, yes we’re now in lockdown 2.0…  but our routines were and are being thrown out the window, and for our wellbeing, routines are essential, they reduce our stress levels, encourage daily habits, and all-round anchor us.

By anchor, we mean the regular structure that we face day-to-day. When you stop and think about it no matter what’s going on in our day, knowing that we will be having our evening meal at about 6:30 pm, going to bed around 11 pm, can be a real comfort.

That certainty from a routine can help us to manage the uncertainty that everyday life can throw up. Routines allow us to cope with unpredictable periods of time such as COVID and can make those difficult times feel more doable when we have a little structure in place to look forward to or rely upon. Moving to or returning to university, entering a new month long lockdown, etc. will have also thrown your routine out the window so to help shape your new routine, try these 4R’s…

reflect on what you want from a new routine


What is really important to you and what do you want? Ask yourself for example, do you want to spend time with your family? exercise more? lose those few pounds that lockdown 1.0 added? or meet up with old school or college friends regularly, either via Facetime or in person?

If you’re unsure about what you want, don’t worry, try starting with ‘what don’t I want’?

Respond yo your new routine


The second of the 4R’s of a new routine. Is to act upon what you reflected on. What is the most important thing you’ve started doing since lockdown, starting university for example? And ask yourself how you could build this into your lifestyle consistently as an ‘It’s what I do’ kind of activity.

Review your routine with a friend


By review we mean make yourself more accountable for the path you’ve taken since starting university. Pick a date to check on your progress, a month or two down the line. Could you tell someone about the plan you’ve created? Sharing with a friend could help you maintain focus on your routine, and they’ll hold you to it.

stop and recharge with some me time


The final R of the 4R’s of a new routine is to recharge. Acknowledge that having some me-time on a weekly or daily basis is a key part of your routine. It doesn’t matter what you do but taking some me-time will help maintain your health and wellbeing.

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