diy christmas decorations for student flat

5 DIY Christmas decoration ideas for your student flat

If you’re staying with us in your accommodation for the holidays, we want you to feel as festive as if you were at home. And there’s only one way to start off the festivities and that’s by decking the halls with the Christmas decorations

Our teams have put up the decorations around the building in the reception and common areas, but you can still decorate your room and flat.

Need some inspiration? Don’t have much of a budget? Want to add that personal touch? Check out some of the amazing homemade decorations below to help get you started. Not only are they easy and low-cost to make, but being making your own decorations allows you to be creative and will give you something to do with your spare time!

1. Christmas paper chains

Yes, you can buy fancy, top of the range Christmas decorations, but let’s face it, nothing really beats a classic paper chain decoration. You don’t even have to buy speciality paper to make the chains. Be creative; it could be old magazines, newspapers or for that festive feel why not use wrapping paper. No matter what you use, making these will no doubt be nostalgic and bring back childhood memories.

2. Christmas tree decorations

If you’re getting a Christmas tree for your flat, you’ll probably need some decorations to brighten it up. But have you ever thought about using paper for your decorations?

Using simply some colourful sheets of paper, a pair of scissors and some glue, you’ll be well equipped to craft your own creations. From spirals to baubles and stars to gift boxes, the possibilities are endless.

3. Christmas wreath

Take your decorating one step further and let the festivities begin before you even step foot inside your flat; craft a Christmas wreath for your door. If you don’t fancy foraging around the city looking for greens, berries and pinecones to make your own real wreath, then a paper wreath is just as creative and effective; but much easier.

4. Novelty Christmas characters

If 2020 has taught us one thing, it’s that we love toilet rolls in the UK. So, why not have a little fun with your flatmates using the cardboard toilet roll tubes? See who can craft the cutest, funniest or weirdest looking Christmas character using a toilet roll tube.

5. Snowflake ornaments

If you think a Christmas character is too simple to make, take your toilet roll crafting to the next level. Grab yourself several toilet roll tubes and try making one of these sparkling and detailed snowflakes instead.

If you’re staying with us over the holidays, we’d love to see how you’ve decorated your flat. Share your pics with us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter and use the hashtag #HoHoHost. Keep an eye on our news page for even more great festive tips. 

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