Apps that every student should know about

Apps that every student should know about.

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to phone apps, both android and apple have a wide catalogue to choose from. Instead of clogging your phone with apps that you don’t spare a second glance, look at the list we’ve compiled of apps we think might be worth your time – from cheap food to making sure to get up on time.


This clever little app converts photos you take with your camera into PDFs. If you’re ever stuck without access to a computer and have assignments to turn in – this app can be a life saver. It even has options to lighten and format images.


Always end up with a load of leftovers and no idea what to do with them? This app should mean those days are over. The leftover function of the BigOven app lets you add all the ingredients you’ve got available and then works out the best dishes to make from them.

Red Moon (Android app)

Exposing your eyes to blue light at night is not great for your health. Red Moon monitors the placement of the sun and adjusts your screen, turning your screen redder without you noticing but making it easier on your eyes when you use your phone at bedtime.

Note: As an open-source application, the app is free when downloaded from the open-source app store F-Droid.


This app should be a staple for all university students. Connecting customers to local restaurants and shops that have food that would normally go to waste. You can end up paying small amounts for boxes of great food.

Sky Guide

If you’ve ever looked up at the night sky and wondered what exactly it was you were looking at – now you can discover all that that big blackness out there has to offer through your phone. Created by scientists, you’ll learn all about constellations and galaxies, and about any passing comets.


It’s an app that you may end up regretting when it goes off at 6am. But Alarmy makes sense for people who struggle with functioning after the first alarm and are prone to hitting the snooze again and again.

It’s not for everyone but can be an essential part of starting your day at the time you meant to the night before. You’re welcome.

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