Boxercise Weekend Workout

Another weekend is upon us, and by now, you should know what that means; yes, we’ve got another weekend workout for you.

Being stuck at home means your usual exercise regimes have changed. Some of you may be doing less exercise because gyms and studios have closed. But some of you may be doing more because you’re getting outside and making the most of being allowed out.

And whilst exercise options may feel limited, over the past few weeks, we’ve been bringing you some inspiration for your weekend workouts. There’s so much more to home workouts than stretching or an outdoor run.

This week, we turn our attention to boxercise workouts.

What is boxercise?

You don’t have to be a heavy weight champion, and nor do you need to take a blow to the head to get involved with boxing; you don’t even need a pair of boxing gloves! Instead you can pack a punch by giving boxercise workouts a go.

Boxercise is a popular fitness trend based on the training concepts boxers typically use to keep fit, including boxing movements and other workouts. Besides the fact that boxing is a great form of cardio, there are many other benefits too.

Boxercise workouts are also great for improving your motor skills, balance, reaction time, and overall agility as you engage hand eye coordination in both hands.

So, if you fancy yourself as the next Anthony Joshua, or you’re just looking for a fun way to stay in shape, give it a go.

Below are a few boxercise workouts we’ve found to help get you started.

1. 15 Minute Boxing Workout:

2. 30 Minute Boxing Workout:

3. 30 Minute Cardio-Boxing Workout:

Share your workout

With millions of us at home, we’re all looking for new things to do to occupy our time. So, if you have a fun, creative, unique or energising workout/routine then we want to know.

We’ve been posting a new weekend workout on our news page for the last few Fridays and we’d love to share yours with others! So, join us on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), and share your workout with us using the hashtag #WeekendWorkout and tagging @hoststudentuk.

You can find out more about boxercise here.

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