Friends celebrating St Patrick

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with all things Irish

With St. Patrick’s Day fast-approaching, it’s time to get organised and start planning how you’re going to celebrate. A trip to Ireland for the weekend to embrace the Irish spirit and soak up the atmosphere would be amazing, but it might not be possible. So, if you can’t travel to Ireland, why not bring Ireland to where you are? Get together with your friends and flatmates for an Irish-themed evening of fun and celebrations.

Go Green

A St. Patrick’s Day party wouldn’t be complete without wearing something green. Raid your wardrobe and wear a green jumper, cardigan, trousers or skirt, and accessorise with green socks, tie or hair band! Or, go the extra mile and make fancy dress compulsory – what could be more Irish than a room full of leprechauns?

Learn the moves

Not your usual Friday night dance style, but as it’s St. Patrick’s Day, why not give traditional Irish dancing a go? If you’ve not done it before, don’t panic. There are lots of tutorials available online which will guide you through the basic moves. So, set up the big screen and have a giggle with your friends as you follow the routines – who knows, you could be the next Michael Flatley!

Play the music

A party wouldn’t be a party without music. And a St. Patrick’s Day party wouldn’t be a St. Patrick’s Day party without some Irish music! From U2 and Westlife to Sinead O’Connor and Van Morrison, there are lots of songs from Irish bands and solo artists that you can add to your playlist to listen to as you celebrate the day.

Sample the food

Cook up a storm in the kitchen and tantalise your taste buds with some traditional Irish food. Heart-warming meals such as bangers and mash, colcannon and Irish stew are easy to make and sure to fill you up for the night. Looking for something sweet? Bake a Guinness cake or Irish Cream brownies – there are lots of recipes to choose from. Haven’t got much time? Simply buy some plain cupcakes and decorate them green instead!

Enjoy the drink

After you’ve indulged and sampled some tasty Irish food, you’ll need an Irish drink to wash it all down with. And there couldn’t be a better Irish drink to have for the occasion than one of the most successful beer brands in the world, Guinness. But if beer isn’t your thing, there’s always Irish whiskey, Baileys Irish Cream or a Magners Cider. You can even opt for a traditional Irish coffee or Irish tea to end the evening.

Cheer on the boys

And even when St.Patrick’s Day finishes, the Irish celebrations don’t have to end there. The following day – on Saturday 18th March, Ireland take on England in the 6 Nations rugby tournament. So, dig out your rugby jersey and wave your Ireland flags as you show your support and cheer on the boys in their final match of the tournament.

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