Ways out of wastefulness

Ways out of wastefulness – Stop Food Waste Day

Food Apps: Whether you are daydreaming about your next study break snack or planning ahead to dinner time – you can spend a large amount of valuable time thinking about what you want to eat. Or what you can afford or what you have at home.

We aren’t all blessed with Gordan Ramsey’s skills in the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean we have to suffer each time we open the fridge.

We’ve found some great food apps so you can cut back on food wastage and save money – time to say goodbye to sad and forgotten-at-the-bottom-of-the-fridge veggies and hello to quick, cheap, and healthy meal planning.

Food apps - SuperCook


One tomato + two eggs + one mushroom + grated cheese + sliced ham = hopefully a tasty lunchtime snack.

SuperCook is a food app that helps you decide what to cook with the basic ingredients you have in your fridge. You simply select from the list of ingredients split into categories and the app will share what you can create with them.

You can even use the app to plan your shopping list before you hit the supermarket – saving you time.

SuperCook finds you popular recipe websites. You can have fun discovering new meals to try that you maybe didn’t think you had the ingredients (or the time) for.



Not a food app but a food website. People often dismiss canned food or don’t realise that they can be used to create a full and balanced meal. Simple meals from canned food we have lying in our cupboards are easy to make. Canned food is often cheaper than fresh food and lasts longer.

There is also no real evidence to show that canned food is not as nutritious as fresh food. The canning process helps to maintain many essential vitamins – so they are canned at the right time to ensure the right level of nutrition.

Lovecannedfood.com have quick and easy recipes for you to try out – give it a go!

Students cooking in student accommodation


Truly the Pinterest of recipe sites, Cookpad is a global recipe sharing platform. They have over 5 million recipes shared and available in almost 70 countries around the world in 23 languages. So much variety.

If you have a dish you’ve invented (or pinched from a family member) you can upload it and share instructions on how to make it with other users. It’s a handy way to see what other people are cooking day-to-day in your city or around the world. You’ll discover how easy it is to plan and experience new food without spending too much money with this food app.

Around 33% of all food produced in the world every year is wasted, it’s a number that has seriously negative effects on the planet. So we should all try our best to reduce the amount of food waste we produce – while also keeping our meals healthy.

Have food you’d like to donate? Check out the food bank collections we support here.

Wednesday April 28th is international Stop Food Waste Day. Visit the Stop Food Waste Day website and take the pledge to stop unnecessary food wastage.

Getting serious about the environment we live in.

To become more ‘environmentally friendly’, Host is launching the #HostEnvironmentalPledge campaign to encourage responsible behaviour and drive sustainability across our sites throughout the UK and Ireland.

It’s a simple campaign! If we can reduce our overall utilities (electric, water and gas) consumption by 1% then we will donate £10,000, 2% reduction means £20,000, 3% is £30,000 and so on, to 3 charities; BulliesOut, Planet Patrol and World Land Trust.

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