Getting Ready for Uni.

Getting Ready for Uni: Part 1

We’re bringing back our getting ready for uni blog from last year, just for you.

It’s the middle of July, Results Day is less than a month away, and the realisation of starting uni is about to hit. But don’t worry at Host we have a rough plan of just some of the things you could (or is that should) be doing to get ready for uni.


Open Days.

You may have already made your decision on where to study and confirmed your place. But recent stats from UCAS have shown that many students are still holding out to see their A-Level results before deciding on which uni to study. If that’s you then get online and join in one of the virtual open days that nearly every uni is running.

Find your Uni Home

There is still time to take part in open days for some universities. Even if you can’t attend in person, check out what universities have to offer on their website or here.

Find your Home.

With the uni decided, it’s time to find somewhere to live, and of course, that’s with us! Many of our locations already have limited availability so the sooner you book the more choice of room types you’ll have. While some of our locations have reopened for physical viewings many are offering virtual tours.

Even with restrictions lifting, many students may still be feeling some uncertainty about where they want to stay in September. That’s why we’ve introduced a set of commitments to give all students booking with us peace of mind. And that’s not all. Last year our team introduced Health and Safety commitments to make sure your stay with Host is as safe as possible. View our 12 Health and Safety commitments here.

Student Gadgets.

Start planning what gadgets you will want to take to uni with you and take a look at what’s on offer. Here’s our guide to the essential student gadgets.

Results Day


Results Day.

No doubt you’ll have August 10th circled in your calendar and you’ll be counting down to 8am when UCAS Track goes live and you’ll see if you’ve got in or not. Check out our recent blog all about Results Day. Thinking of using clearing? Take a look at our guide to clearing here.

Sort out your student bank account.

Get your bank account sorted at your earliest opportunity. The earlier you do it the clearer your head will be to spend time comparing offers and finding the right account for you. When It comes to student accounts, many banks offer free overdrafts, debit cards and optional credit cards.

Sort out your student bank account

While the majority also add an incentive for joining, like a student railcard or Amazon vouchers. But don’t let the incentive entice you, the overdraft facility is more important. Take a look at this Save the Student guide to student bank accounts.

Plan your room.

Just like organising your student bank account, the sooner you plan what you’ll need for your room the better and less stressful the whole experience will be. There are hundreds of search results for “what to pack for university”, from everyone like Ikea through to Which? One of the simplest and best essentials guides we have come across is from UCAS.

Take your time, write a list of everything you’ll need and update it every time you buy something. At Host, we’ve teamed up with the guys at UniKitOut find out all about what they can offer here.

Look out for the part 2 of our getting ready for uni blog, where we will share more tips to help you prepare in time for September.

Getting serious about the environment we live in.

To become more ‘environmentally friendly’, Host is launching the #HostEnvironmentalPledge campaign to encourage responsible behaviour and drive sustainability across our sites throughout the UK and Ireland.

It’s a simple campaign! For every percent we reduce our overall utilities (electric, water and gas) consumption by we donate to one of our nominated charities.

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