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Become a better ally

July 14th is International Non-Binary Day. It is celebrated around the world to raise awareness of issues faced by non-binary members of the LGBTQ+ community.

So, what does non-binary mean?

Most people are either male or female. But some people don’t neatly fit into the categories of “man” or “woman,” or “male” or “female.” For example, some people have a gender that blends elements of being a man or a woman, or a gender that is different than either male or female. Some people don’t identify with any gender. Some people’s gender changes over time. Many non-binary people tend to prefer using the pronouns they/them, although this is not exclusive and some prefer to use she, he, they, them interchangeably.

During a time when young people’s identities are targeted throughout the world, it’s important for LGBTQ+ young people to feel supported and understand that their identities are valid.

One way to do this is to actively become an ally. This isn’t hard. If you agree in equality and fair treatment in society for those who identify as LGBTQ+, then you are an ally already.  Although your passive support is crucial and welcome, there is more you can do. Here are some tips to help make the world and fairer and more inclusive place.

tips to become a better ally

Be open to learn, listen and educate yourself

LGBTQ+ has a long history, and you should approach it with the right attitude. Be open to learn, listen and educate yourself, so that you can become a better ally. Explore the history of the LGBTQ+ movement and empower yourself in understanding the prejudices people who identify as LGBTQ+ face. Although it’s important to honour the effort and sacrifices of those that have come before, it’s just as important to appreciate how far we have come in the struggle for equality whilst understanding just how far is left to go.

tips to become a better ally

Don’t assume

We should not assume a person’s gender or the pronouns they wish to be known by. If you are unsure, asking whether someone should be referred to as “he,” “she,” “they,” or another pronoun is a good step. It may feel awkward at first, but it is one of the simplest and most important ways to show respect for someone’s identity. It will also help them feel more comfortable around you.

Be a better ally by not assuming.

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Confront your own prejudices and biases

Unfortunately prejudice still exists in the world and we all live our lives surrounded with bias, assumptions, and stereotypes. Some of these are our own unconscious biases that we didn’t know we had, and others are biases that we hear and see from other people. You will find that being an LGBTQ+ ally means putting yourself in a situation where you will often have to challenge these. It could be that you realise a joke you made in the past wasn’t acceptable or that you’ve made an incorrect assumption that you’ve made about someone. It could mean calling out poor behaviour of others and providing support to someone in need.

If you’re open to addressing unacceptable behaviour caused by prejudice and bias, then you can be a better ally.


Language matters

Using the correct terminology and making an effort to understand the correct language to use can make all the difference in supporting the LGBTQ+ community. It could begin with something as easy as reading a glossary of terms. Or even just understanding what the abbreviation LGBTQIA means. It might seem like a small step, but it’s crucial in ensuring that you’re educated enough to be respectful to everyone around you. You will also feel more confident when discussing LGBTQ+ issues, and most importantly, being an ally. Check out this site for some inspiration.

Find out how Host recently celebrated pride month here.

Getting serious about the environment we live in.

To become more ‘environmentally friendly’, Host is launching the #HostEnvironmentalPledge campaign to encourage responsible behaviour and drive sustainability across our sites throughout the UK and Ireland.

It’s a simple campaign! For every percent we reduce our overall utilities (electric, water and gas) consumption by we donate to one of our nominated charities.

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