Is it too late to apply to uni 2024 ucas

Is it too late to apply to uni?

Are you thinking of applying to university and wondering if it is too late for September 2024 intake? Don’t worry, still have time to submit your application.

What date do I have to apply on UCAS by?

Is it too late to apply to uni 2024 ucas

Depending on what course you are applying to, it will have a particular deadline on UCAS.

Courses with 16 October 2023 deadlines.

Late applications for courses with the 16 October 2023 deadline are unlikely to be considered as these courses are particularly competitive. These Universities are usually Oxford and Cambridge and are to study medicine, dentistry or veterinary courses.

Courses with 31 January 2024 deadlines.

If you miss the 31 January 2024 deadline for most other courses, you may still be able to apply after the deadline has passed. Universities and colleges often consider applications received after the 31 January deadline if there are available, but you do risk missing out on your top university/course choice if it’s popular.

Important: Any applications that are not submitted by the 30th June 2024 at 6pm will be entered in to UCAS Clearing.

When is UCAS Clearing 2024?

This year, UCAS Clearing starts on the 5th July and closes on the 17th October at 6pm.

Here are some other key dates to be aware of and save on your phone so you don’t miss out…

  • 4th July – Last date to add a UCAS Extra Choice
  • 15th August – A Level Results Published
  • 24th July 2024 – Reply to your offers if you get all your decisions by 17 July 2024.

Search for the right course.

Is it too late to apply to uni 2024 ucas

Use UCAS Search to find courses that still have places available. You can also do research on university life on The Student Room to get the feel of the location.

It is important to remember that course availability will be changing as time goes by. It would be beneficial to contact the universities admissions departments before applying to find out their availability. Be sure to explain your circumstance during your call to ensure they can help you to the best of their abilities.

Will the universities see that I applied late to UCAS?

Universities must consider every application they receive, however, after the 31st January, they are no longer required to treat every application the same but more as a ‘first come first serve basis’. So it is important to get your application submitted as soon as you can.

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Is it too late to apply to uni 2024 ucas
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