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Last minute Christmas gift ideas

Disclaimer! You will not be judge for stealing some of the following gift ideas and sticking them on your own Christmas wish list – we completely understand. Sometimes extra socks are hard to pass up.

1. Sock Subscription

last minute gifts socks

You can never have too many socks, especially as it seems to be a universal experience for all that one will eventually go missing from the dryer. Well, with a sock subscription, that no longer matters. Start friends off on their sock subscription journey or provide them with a year long subscription – ‘what a good friend!’ they’ll say. Good, durable socks are for life and not just for Christmas after all.

2. Board games

gift ideas board games

There’s nothing better than a good board game, to use at social gatherings or to challenge your family on Christmas day and beyond. And because board game events have become so popular, there are now so many varieties and spin offs to choose from. Some of the most popular board games this year include Pandemic (obviously), Blockbuster: The Game and Ticket to Ride (which is a game I am personally recommending) and its many spin-offs. You can even find classic board games in local charities shops on the high-street if you want to save some money.

3. Wireless Charging Station

Forget cables! Gift someone you care about the gift of organisation with a wireless charging stand. These ones on amazon are for Apple devices only, but you can find some inexpensive alternatives too. Why wasn’t this a thing before?

4. Projectors


There are two types that are recommended – the kind that allow you to replicate beautiful night sky indoors. Like here available on amazon.  And the other kind that allow you to snuggle up with snacks and watch your favourite movies. With this XuanPad Mini Projector has an adjustable display and comes with a 2-year satisfaction warranty.

5. Gift an experience

Sometimes good memories make the best presents. If you don’t want to buy a physical gift, think about gifting someone an experience they won’t forget. It can be as big or small as you want. From dining out in the new restaurant in town, or a pamper day at the spa. This idea is especially useful for those hard-to-buy-for people in our lives.

Here are some of our favourites:


Virgin Experience Days


6. Initial Jewellery

initial jewellery

Personalised necklaces and rings are all the rage at the moment. Online companies like Etsy offer a range of unique pieces to choose from.  These best friend necklaces are especially adorable.

7. Recipe Book

Whilst you can pluck all sorts of recipes off the internet these days, nothing quite beats having a quality cookbook to have nestled in your kitchen. You can buy recipe books to make practically every dish from around the world. Desserts. Special cakes. Vegetarian and Vegan dishes.

For your student friends recipe books like this one show you how to cook on a budget, and includes weekly food planners.

8. Gift Hamper

christmas hamper

Hampers are traditionally seen as a gift of food or baked goods, but you can make your own Christmas hamper filled with small presents. It’s a fun alternative to a Christmas stocking. If you’re low on cash make a ‘Jokemas’ hamper with inexpensive novelty gifts instead.

9. Headspace Subscription

We all could do with little pick ups every now and then. Give someone the head start in their better mental health journey with Headspace. Head space provide unique tools and resources to help with stress and aid in better sleep. Subscriptions range from 1 month to a year.

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