Life at University

Life as a first-time student at university

Guest post – 2nd Year BA Drama (Hons) student at Anglia Ruskin University.

Starting uni

When heading off to university, we’re excited to move out of our family home and into our student accommodation. We say bye to our houses for the first time and also to our parents and family; although we do go back to see them a lot. And while it might seem daunting, it’s time to start your adventure as a university student. Moving away from home, living in halls and sometimes eating noodles for dinner, are all part of the experience. Your family home will be what you call ‘home, home’ and your student accommodation will be referred to as ‘home’.

But before you know it, time will have flown by; you’ll be at the end of your first year already. Revision and exams will all be finished; the stress will be over and you can enjoy a relaxing summer. You’ll have lived on your own for almost a year. You may have felt home sick to start, but have made lots of new friends. And now it’s time for moving out day.

Moving out is a great feeling. It shows you’ve made it through your first year and you’re off to experience the next stage of student life. It’s another step we’ve all got to take in the process of growing up. You say bye to your first year flat – which you’ve called home for a year, and leave for the summer. You say to all of your new friends you’ll meet up in the summer, but in reality, you’re all too busy catching up with life back in your hometown. Drinking all those cups of tea you’ve missed with your family, eating home-made roast dinners, and generally eating a lot before you return for your second year of university…

The second year of uni

And as a second year student, I am writing all this from my own experience. I have been a student at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge (yes Cambridge), for two years now. It’s been a tough track, but I am here.

Most of my time from late March until May – when I finish university for the year, is sat behind a computer screen completing work. But it’s not as bad as it sounds. I can study in private in my room at CB1 student accommodation when I really need to get my head down and focus. Or I can use the open areas at university, where I’ll meet other students in the same position as me – because believe me around this time of year it can get stressful for everyone.

And yes, in my first two years here it has been a roller coaster of work, but it’s not a time to panic or get too worked up as you can always take a break from doing the work. Even though we all tell ourselves ‘oh this won’t get done’, in actual fact it does. Also, everyone is in the same boat. On top of the hard work and studying, I’ve enjoyed a great social life; getting to know a diverse range of people and experience life in Cambridge.

What’s next?

Being a second year student going into my final year, over the summer for me I will obviously be researching (a little bit) ready for my dissertation. But there is one thing we mustn’t forget to do; have some fun – after all we are still students.

I plan to go travelling, only in the UK though. I’m heading to Kent in the South East of England to enjoy the beach because it’s time to get away, party and relax. I’ll also spend a bit of my time travelling around the rest of the country and seeing new things, because overall travelling the world is what I want to do.

If you’re getting ready to venture away from home for the first time, it is all okay, and you have nothing to worry about. And if you have any problems or concerns, there is always someone to talk to. Believe me I cried when I left home, but it’s a step I had to take. So, for those going to university in September, just remember it’s a step you’ve always wanted to take, and now is your time. Don’t forget as a student to study hard and play hard, overall determination is the key to success.

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