Make your way to the Midlands and discover the city of Coventry.

Coventry recently made it into the Top 40, and no, we’re not talking about the top 40 music charts! Ranked 39th in the QS Best Student Cities 2017 and listed in the top 5 for UK cities, Coventry is a student city well worth visiting and considering if you’re thinking about studying at university.

But if you’re new to the city, or are getting ready to start university in Coventry next academic year, you’re probably wondering what it’s like and what makes it one of the best student cities, right? Well, let’s take a look…

Where is Coventry?

Located right in the heart of England, Coventry is the second largest city in the West Midlands region, after Birmingham, and is the twelve largest city in the UK.  And with a network of cities within close proximity, you haven’t got far to go to reach Coventry. Jump on the train from Birmingham and you’ll be there within 20 minutes, or from London within an hour; making it very easy to get to.

What’s the city’s history?

Steeped in rich history and surrounded by beautiful Warwickshire countryside, Coventry is a fantastic place to visit and commence your university studies.

A city with a history of reinventing itself and a reputation of being the city of ‘peace and reconciliation’. A concept which grew following events after the bombing of Coventry Cathedral during World War II. During this time, Coventry also became the world’s first ‘twin’ city along with Stalingrad, and now the city is twinned with 26 towns and cities across the world.

Ever heard the term ‘true blue’ (meaning loyal and unwavering in one’s opinion)? This term actually originated in Coventry. Deriving from the blue cloth that was made in the city and the fact that the material didn’t fade with washing; it remained ‘true’.

And in more recent times, did you know the classic film The Italian Job’s car chase with the Minis was filmed here in 1968? The Nativity! Franchise was also filmed here.

What can you do there?

Being a student isn’t all about the lectures, coursework and revision. It’s the perfect time to explore the country, enjoy the freedom and have some fun. So, in your spare time, why not try some of our favourite activities in Coventry?

Fargo Creative Village

Just a stone’s throw away from our Coventry student accommodation, The Apollo Works. Fargo is a village packed with small, creative and independent businesses including coffee shops, vintage clothes, book shops, a vegan cafe and an American diner. And with different events on at weekends, there’s always something new and unique to experience.

Belgrade theatre

Check out the latest performances at the city’s only professional theatre located just a short walk away from The Apollo Works. The Belgrade was where Monty Python had his first ever live performance, and it’s where a lot of plays premiere before a West End run!

War Memorial Park

Home to the Coventry Blaze Ice hockey team, why not grab some skates and put your ice-skating skills to the test? Or sit back and watch the Coventry Blaze team in action on the ice with tickets to a home match. The arena also houses an Odeon Cinema to watch the latest films and some top restaurants and pubs to refuel.

Ricoh Arena

Ice hockey not your thing? Then how about cheering on the boys in a game of football or rugby. The Ricoh Arena is the home of Coventry City Football Club – also known as The Sky Blues, and of world- famous Wasps Rugby Union Club. But if sport really doesn’t interest you, you’ll also find a host of music gigs and events are held throughout the year at the arena.

Escape Live

Fancy doing something a little bit different? Round up your friends and give Escape Live – a room escape game in real life, a go! Will you solve the puzzle and find the way out in time?

Coventry Cathedral

We’ve already mentioned it, now experience it for yourself. Take in the sights and beautiful architecture at Coventry Cathedral; celebrated as the UK’s favourite 20th century building.

War Memorial Park

When the sun’s shining and you need a break from your studies, head outside for some fresh air and relaxation at the War Memorial Park. Don’t forget to pack your sandwiches and enjoy a picnic among the wildlife and beautiful parkland.

Transport Museum

If you’re a fan of cars or any form of road transport, then a visit to the transport museum is a must. You’ll find the biggest collection of British made cars, motorcycles and bicycles in the world! And the best thing of all, you don’t have to pay to see them – entry is free!

What about studying?

As a student, there are two fantastic universities to choose from in Coventry. Ranked as the top 15th UK university, study at either the Prestigious Coventry University (CU); a real Global Presence, and Winner of the Modern University of the Year 2014 to 2016. Or Warwick University, which is currently ranked the 7th top university in the UK The Times and The Sunday Times 2017.

The Local Lingo

So you know the city, what to do and where to study, but what about the lingo? Before you arrive in Coventry, here are some words and phrases that might come in use when speaking or listening to the locals:

Batch – this is the only true name for the bread roll in Coventry. It’s not a cob, roll, barm cake or whatever else you may have heard it called, it’s a batch. A favourite hot breakfast snack from the bakery might be a sausage batch or bacon batch.

Whaddya reckon? A local phrase meaning ‘What do you think about that?’

De-Di (pronounced dee-dye) the local word for an ice cream cone.

Oojamacallit or thingamybob is how local folk refer to something when they have forgotten the name for it or don’t know its proper name.

So, there you have it, a real insight into Coventry’s best bits. Do you like the sound of life in Coventry? If so, find more information about our student accommodation in Coventry, The Apollo Works, which is located in the city. Or if you’d like to arrange a viewing, please contact us on 024 76 100 820 or at

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