Make your pledge for the environment and for charity

Over the past two years, we’ve had great success with our annual #HostEnvironmentalPledge; a campaign focused on saving energy across all our Host accommodations.

And whilst 2020 has seen big changes to our day-to-day lives and life as we know it, one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to protecting the environment and the planet we live on. That’s why our #HostEnvironmentalPledge campaign is back for its third year…

It’s time to go green

As we launch the #HostEnvironmentalPledge 2020/21 we’re asking all residents and staff at Host to pledge their commitment to making a change to help protect the environment.

Whether it’s turning off appliances when not in use, taking shorter showers or turning lights off when leaving a room, these small actions can reduce energy usage; which in turn will reduce the levels of greenhouse gas emissions being released into the environment.

And this year, we want to take the campaign to the next level; after all, when it comes to protecting the environment, it stems far beyond saving energy. So, as well as reducing energy usage, we’ll be encouraging our students and staff to make other changes to help protect the environment. These include:

  • Recycling
  • Using reusable items
  • Travelling responsibly
  • Buying less plastic
  • Buying sustainable products

What your pledge means

It goes without saying that if we all take action to reduce energy usage, recycle more, reuse items and the like, then we’re one step closer to protecting our planet.

But what’s more, if we can reduce our overall consumption by 1% then at Host, we will donate £10,000 to charity. If we make a 2% reduction, we’ll donate £20,000, 3% is £30,000 and so on. So, through this campaign, not only does the environment benefit but so do three fantastic charities we’ve chosen to work with.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and us not being able to run the 2019/20 campaign and support our nominated charities to the full extent we’d have liked to, we’ve decided to continue supporting BulliesOut, Planet Patrol and World Land Trust for our 2020/21 campaign.

Bullies Out Purple logo      Planet Patrol Logo        world land trust logo

In making their pledge, all our students will be invited via email to choose one of the three charities above to support; and we will make the donation to that charity on that students’ behalf.

Collect your free Host reusable water bottles

To help get off on the right foot with being environmentally friendly, we’re giving every student living with Host a free reusable water bottle as part of the campaign. The bottles come in a variety of colours and have been made from medium density polyethylene, which is 100% bio based and derived from Brazilian sugar cane ethanol, which has zero impact on the Amazon rain forest or food production. Students will be able to collect a bottle from their accommodation’s reception or common area upon making their pledge.


Stay up to date with the progress

Follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter and check out our news page for the latest updates. We’d also love to know what changes you’re making and which charity you’re pledging to make the changes for. You can also share any of your own top ‘green’ tips with us – remember to use the hashtag #HostEnvironmentalPledge.

Do you want to be a green champion and help us on our quest to reduce energy and become greener? If you are passionate about the environment and want to get involved please email us at – we’d love to hear from you!

Getting serious about the environment we live in.

To become more ‘environmentally friendly’, Host is launching the #HostEnvironmentalPledge campaign to encourage responsible behaviour and drive sustainability across our sites throughout the UK and Ireland.

It’s a simple campaign! For every percent we reduce our overall utilities (electric, water and gas) consumption by we donate to one of our nominated charities.

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