Morning Motivation: Being your best self every morning

Morning Motivation: Being your best self every morning

You’ve noticed that the evenings are getting darker and getting up before the sun rises is proving a challenge daily. Whether you have morning lectures filling your timetable or a mix of morning and evening classes, you will want to use your mornings to your advantage, and that means starting the day in the best possible way.

If you can motivate yourself as early in the day as possible, you’ll find more time for other things like socialising and hobbies etc. And being a student is all about learning to balance areas of your life to get the most out of your time. Getting into a routine can take some getting used to, but the benefits are worth it.

Sleep cycle

A good morning starts with the night before. While research into the benefits of 90-minute sleep cycles is still being debated, there are proven benefits to having a nightly routine that you can stick to.

Morning Motivation: Being your best self every morning

Going to bed without being glued to your phone/laptop means that it will be easier to settle yourself into a state of calm and rest. You can read a book or listen to music before you get ready to drift off. Gentle exercise or fresh air can also help you get ready for a busy night of sleep. You will want to stop snacking three hours before you’re ready to sleep.

Break out of that hitting snooze habit.

We all do it. Hitting snooze feels like a luxury for a few minutes, but no one ever wakes up after the snooze feeling any more refreshed. You have to jump straight into the day as quickly as you can.
Play some music that makes you feel good or put on the tv/laptop. As soon as you’re awake, hit that Spotify playlist. Music can increase your dopamine levels, putting you in a good mood to start the day.

Having a designated ‘getting ready’ space

Get up off your bed. Use your desk or bathroom with a big enough mirror instead of lounging as this can stop you from fully feeling awake.

Morning Motivation: Being your best self every morning

Queuing up your favourite podcast series or happy/motivational playlist ready to have on whilst you prepare for the day will boost your mood and keep you entertained. Remember to factor in time to decide what to watch.

Eating well

Morning Motivation: Being your best self every morning

It’s important to have breakfast to provide yourself with the energy to help you through the day. Cereal or fruit or even scrambled eggs can be just what you need to get you going. Having to walk to your kitchen to make breakfast or flick the kettle on will prove useful for feeling more alert.

Dress for the day you want

With online lectures still being the norm for some students, it can be tempting to tune in still dressed in your pjs. It was fine and let’s face it, somewhat acceptable, back when the pandemic was in full swing. But not anymore. Changing out of your pyjamas into normal everyday clothes will make you more productive, and looking great should be one of  the first steps to having a great day.

Getting into that ‘can do’ mindset

Be ready with your priorities for the day. They can be big or small but have tasks ready to achieve that will boost your confidence. All of the previous morning steps should prepare you for this one.

Morning Motivation: Being your best self every morning

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