Student Guest Blog – Best places to visit in Coventry

While I do not think I have explored all of Coventry yet, I have been able to experience most of what the city has to offer. Here are some of my favourite places to go and visit in Coventry.

Favourite Food Place:

If I ever want to treat myself to a well-deserved meal, I head over to Esmie’s Caribbean Kitchen on Far Gosford Street.

They serve the best Caribbean food in Coventry and probably the rest of the midlands. Not only is their dumplin’ burger juicy, spicy, and filling but they also have various meat dishes that can come with rice, plantain, mac and cheese or chips. Not into meat? No problem, they also have plant-based options on the menu so that everyone can enjoy. Their drinks menu is to die for! I recommend trying their fruit punch or their Guinness punch – both are delicious!

My favourite part about Esmie’s Caribbean Kitchen (aside from the food) must be the atmosphere of the restaurant. They put an effort into making it feel like you are in an island somewhere in the Caribbean ready to indulge in authentic Caribbean cuisine, taking you away from Coventry for a moment.

Out with mates in Coventry:

When it comes to going out with my mates for a drink, I love to visit the Ivy House on Gosford Street. You get food, drink, and music all for a great price if you are a student or simply on a budget! They also host a pub quiz every Tuesday at 20:30 and a Bingo Social every Thursday too. When you can most find me there is during Wednesdays for their sport society socials for Coventry University students and is the perfect place for my karate team and I to wind down after training.

Exploring Cov:

Another fantastic place I love to visit is the Skydome on Croft Rd. Here you’ll find all different activities to enjoy. You have the ODEON Cinema if you are in the mood for a film, you have Pure Gym if you need to get those reps in, the Skydome also has an ice rink in Planet Ice and if you just want to have a fun night out there is Wetherspoon and JJ’s.

Probably my favourite place I have visited in Coventry has to be the Coventry Transport Museum on Hales St. At the Coventry Transport Museum, you can learn the history about transportation and how key the city of Coventry was to transportation industry as whole. Before attending the museum I did not know that the city was the birthplace of the bicycle.

Not only that, but the museum has amazing galleries filled with models from all generations of transportation all the way from the bicycles to the modern super car. After leaving the museum you learn why Coventry is known as “motor city.”

I have yet to explore all of what this vibrant city has to offer but from the places I have visited, my experience has been truly wonderful.

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