Student Guest Blog – What it’s like to live and study in Coventry

Welcome to the first in the series of our new student guest blogs.

Now in my second year of my journalism degree at Coventry University, it has meant that I have had the opportunity of living in Coventry for just over a year. Despite experiencing it for the first time through a pandemic, it has honestly been a great place to live – here is why…

Uni on my doorstep

It is very convenient living in Coventry. Staying at The Apollo Works means having the city centre and the Coventry University campus only a walking distance away. Having the city centre close by means that when I need to do grocery shopping, I can choose from the recently built Coop or Sainsburys. If I am not bothered to cook and want a take-away I have a long list of places to choose from. Like Kathleens Café who serve the best English Breakfast in town, Junction1ten who make delicious African meals or Dumpling King who prepare the best dumplings you will ever try.

The convenience of having the university campus only a five-minute walk away means that using their facilities is easier. As it is not time consuming. I can use the studies spaces and large catalogue of books at the Lancaster Library. And I can get extra sleep on the days that I have a lecture at the Ellen Terry building since it is literally right around the corner! Studying at Coventry University is excellent as lecturers provide interactive lessons and regular feedback. Any queries are easy to flag up on the student community platform Aula. Aula connects you with peers and teachers on your course where you can share information about the subject or anything you may like. The university also makes it easy to find the services that are available for students on their website.

Lots to do and see

Another reason why living in Coventry is great, is because the place is so fun! You will not get bored in Coventry . There are many leisure activities to choose from that fit the needs of everyone. Let’s say you want to have a drink with your mates, there are lots of pubs and bars to choose from such as two JD Wetherspoons in town. and if you want an even cheaper pint, you can head over to The Oak Inn which is on campus.

If partying is more your thing, then there are a range of nightclubs to choose from in Coventry. Such as Kasbah Nightclub who do live music with a beer garden. Or Catch 22 who have themed events throughout the week. There are also fantastic museums in Coventry, like the Coventry Transport Museum which showcases the history of British Transport, perfect for motor enthusiasts or the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, that displays art pieces and a vast record archive.

City of culture

Finally, what makes Coventry such an amazing place to live in must be the people. The beauty of Coventry is that you have people from Coventry, people from across the UK and people from around the world. The mixture of cultures in Coventry means that you can learn and appreciate the different communities that people come from. Which you wouldn’t get anywhere else. I have had the opportunity to meet wonderful people here and share experiences with them in this magnificent city. I truly believe that all the colourful backgrounds in Coventry make the city such a welcoming place to live.

Hopefully my experience of Coventry will be as good as yours. Coventry has been a great place to live and I can’t wait to create more memories during my time here!

Cesar is currently living with Host at The Apollo Works. You can follow Cesar on twitter and visit his personal blog.


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With the 2024 UK General Election approaching on Thursday 4th July 2024, it is important that if you are eligible to vote, you are registered at the relevant address by the deadline of Tuesday 18th June 2024.