student revision techniques blog top 10 tips

Top 10 Study Tips 2023

In need of some study tips to help you revise this Spring?

Don’t stress, keep scrolling to read our top 10 tips to help you smash your studying.

1. First things first, create a revision timetable.

Making a revision timetable is crucial to exam success. Be sure to make your timetable realistic and not to cram in too much in one day.

Download our study timetable study timetable to manage your time and be more productive. Did you know that there are apps to help you too? My Study Life is a free online student planner app available for iPhone, Android and Windows 8.

2. Create a study space that works.

It is important that you create a distraction free space to be able to concentrate in.

This space could be a desk in your uni room, or studio or even a dining room or kitchen table.

Make sure the lighting is bright enough to be able to read through notes. Keep the space tidy and clean. But more importantly, make it comfortable. You need to be able to want to sit in this space. If it is a place you want to avoid, chances are you will always put off studying.

You can even personalise your study space. Treat yourself to a lovely new lamp or stationary set. UniDays have 20% student discount off TYPO stationary.

student revision techniques blog top 10 tips

3. Go off grid / Do not disturb.

You need to be distraction free and in the zone when you are studying, which means no mobile phones. Turn them off or put them on Do Not Disturb. Feel like you might be tempted still? Put your phone away in a drawer or out of sight.

The same goes for TVs. Turn them off to stop any unnecessary distractions.

student revision techniques blog top 10 tips

4. Take Breaks.

Remember to take breaks. You might find that a 5-minute break every 30 minutes works for you, or 15 minutes after every hour.

It is important to: Look away from your screen, stretch your legs and keep hydrated.

 5. Flashcards.

student revision techniques blog top 10 tips

Did you know that flashcards are effective because they promote active recall in your brain, which is the process by which we retrieve a memory. Seeing a term and then actively attempting to remember the meaning helps to move it from short-term to long-term memory.

If you are yet to try flashcards, why not give them a try and see if they can work for you.

6. Study together.

There are many benefits to studying with friends. Firstly, it is great for your mental health. The exam period can be a stressful time, so having a familiar friend by your side helps. Friends will also help encourage you plan ahead. By arranging study dates in the diary, there is no excuse to skip that revision session.

7. Don’t just read it, say it.

Did you know that you are more likely to remember words and texts if you read them aloud? Having trouble remembering a certain term? Try reading it aloud, it sounds simple but could really help you.

student revision techniques blog top 10 tips

8. Teach someone else.

Similarly to studying aloud, select a topic that you need to revise and try teaching it to a friend or fellow student. The thinking you need to do to work out how you would explain a topic to someone else is very effective revision.

9. Don’t stress.

Easier said than done right? We understand that everyone copes differently, but stress will really just make the whole experience harder. Planning and starting early will stop panic.

10. Reward yourself.

Take the time to let yourself experience the positive feelings associated with studying by rewarding yourself for your hard work.

This can be as simple as watching a few episodes of your favourite new TV series, or by treating yourself to a meal with friends.

student revision techniques blog top 10 tips

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