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Top food discounts for students

As lockdown continues and with nowhere really to go and not a lot to do, food for many of us has become the biggest highlight of the day. All you have to do is cast your mind back to lockdown 1.0 when everyone became budding bakers and banana bread was the biggest trend.

But if you’re bored of the banana bread and need something else to tantalise your taste buds, check out some of the great food discounts below. From takeaways and meal kits, there’s something for everyone.

1. HelloFresh

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If you’re tired of cooking up the same old meals, HelloFresh is a great option to mix up your weekly menu. With a choice of 36 meals choose from, all with simple step-by-step recipes and pre-portioned ingredients, cooking up a storm in the kitchen couldn’t be easier.

Simply select your meal options (you can choose between 3-5 meals per week), and the week’s meals and all the ingredients will be delivered straight to your door.

What’s more, as a student, you can receive 10% off every subscription box with UNiDAYS. It’s also worth noting that as a first-time customer, you can benefit from discounts too such as 50% off your 1st box and 20% off the next 3. Find out more at

2. Gousto

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A similar concept to HelloFresh, Gousto is another meal-kit company delivering fresh recipes and ingredients direct to your door. From vegetarian or meat options, to 10-minute meals and everyday favourites, there’s over 50 delicious recipes to choose from every week.

Gousto boxes are available for 2-4 people and you can choose 2-4 recipes per box, with prices starting at £2.98 per serving. However, if you’re a first-time customer, you can take advantage of their latest discounts such as 30% off all boxes in your first month; making it much more affordable. Find out more at

3. MuscleFood

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If you’re mad about muscle and want quality high-protein products at affordable prices, MuscleFood is a popular choice. There’s a huge choice of meat options available but in recent years, MuscleFood’s product offering has grown substantially. From fresh meat and ready-made meals, to snacks and supplements and everything in between, get healthy food delivered straight to your door.

As a student, you can enjoy up to 10% off your MuscleFood order through UNiDAYS. Plus, the site itself always has special offers and promotions running so be sure to check for discounts before you buy. Find out more at

4. Domino’s

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Is there really anything better than a night in, watching Netflix and devouring a Domino’s? We think not. Actually, now we really come to think about it, there is; discounted pizza.

Well, you’re in luck. Students who are registered with Student Beans can receive 35% off at Domino’s! So, will you take the money saving and run or will you add an extra side to the basket now you can get more for your money? Find out more at

5. Uber Eats, Deliveroo & Just Eat

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Missing your favourite foods from the local restaurants and eateries in your town or city? Then these top food delivery services are here to the rescue; all with a touch of a button.

Simply download the app(s), browse the variety of cuisines available, place your order and then sit back and wait for the knock at the door. What’s more, your freshly cooked food will taste even better with a discount.

Whilst there’s no set student discount for any of the three apps directly on their websites, with a quick search of the internet you’re sure to find one to use: especially if you’re a first-time customer. From free delivery or £10-£15 off your first order to 10-20% off your order.

6. Supermarket Savings

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If you’re planning on doing a big shop to fill the fridge and stock the cupboards, then make sure you check out what student discounts are available at your local supermarket before you shop.

As a student you can save at some of the big supermarkets, below are just some of the offers available:

The above are just some of the top food discounts available for students. But if you’re shopping for food – be it fresh food or takeaway, make sure you’re a savvy student; always do a quick search online for any discount codes you can use.

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