AECC University College

The University College, located in Bournemouth, was founded in 1965 and was the first chiropractic school in Europe to be recognised by the British Chiropractic Association. The official opening of the AECC at its current location took place on 21 May 1982. In 1988 the AECC became validated by the Council for National Academic Awards, making it the first school in the UK to offer a validated degree in the field of complementary/alternative medicine. The university now has just under 1000 students.

Being a specialist in health sciences, AECC University College caters to students of all levels and lengths of study. As a specialist provider, the range of courses on offer comes with specialist teaching and clinical facilities onsite. There is a focus on the teaching of chiropractic, with the University College, formerly Anglo-European College of Chiropractic, being only one of three institutions to provide chiropractic degrees recognised by General Chiropractic Council.

Host Bournemouth is a 10-minute cycle away from the campus, or a 15 minute bus ride.

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