Walk Safely – Our top personal safety apps

Walk Safely – Our top personal safety apps.

As the nights get lighter, you may be thinking of walking back to your student accommodation rather than jumping on the bus or taking a UBER. But how do you do that safely? Well, there are now several apps out there for both IOS and Android to make sure you can walk safely.

So, if you’re looking for a little extra peace of mind ahead of the next time you walk home alone after dark, these four personal safety apps could help…


WalkSafe allows you to avoid crime hotspots on your way home and walk safely. A map shows regularly updated crime figures including crimes such as sexual assault, knife crime, or pickpocketing. When walking home and you come close to a street or area where crime has been reported, the app will alert you, so you can avoid that area and use another route home.

WalkSafe also includes TapSafe, which allows you to check in with your friends if you’re feeling unsafe. As soon as you open TapSafe your loved ones are notified. If something goes wrong and you stop tapping your protectors are automatically alerted and shown your location.

While the HomeSafe feature lets you set an estimated time of arrival when you set off and will send your location to an emergency contact if you don’t get home by the time you set.

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One Scream.

One Scream is a really clever app that can detect a scream or a trigger word even if your phone is in a bag. Once the scream or word is detected the app will send a text message and an automated call with your exact location as to up to three nominated contacts. Once triggered you have 20 seconds to cancel the alarm if you need to. If you have an Android phone, the phone line will stay open so your chosen contact can hear, identify it’s you, and get you help.

More about the app.

Hollie Guard.

Hollie Guard is a companion app for when you’re out and about alone or meeting someone new. Or you know you’re going to a potentially dangerous location where there’s no signal or WiFi.

  • Journey – This feature for walking safely allows you to set your start and end destination. Your emergency contacts will be notified once you arrive safely at your destination. Or an alert will automatically be triggered if you don’t arrive within the time parameter you set. The app monitors your location every 5 seconds to gain a precise location for you.
  • Meeting – If you’re meeting someone new or going to an unfamiliar area, you can set a designated duration for the meeting and then if you don’t mark yourself as safe after that set time an alert is triggered to your emergency contacts.

The app also has a Duress pin, for when you’ve been forced to deactivate an alert by using a pre-set number your emergency contacts are notified. The reports feature allows you to record an incident with photo evidence, a timestamp and geotag.

The Hollie Guard website.

Circle of 6.

Circle of 6 is what it says; you choose six contacts, and the app will allow you to set and send pre-set messages about your safety. Then with just two taps, you can let those contacts know where you and if you need help, including:

  • Come get me – your contacts receive a text “Come and get me. I need help getting home safely.” with your GPS coordinates.
  • Call me – Sends a text to your contacts that says: “Call and pretend you need me. I need an interruption.”
  • I need to talk – sends a text to your identified contacts that says “I need to talk.”

The Circle of 6 app.

Find out more about how we look after your wellbeing while living at Host here.

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