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What to do if you don’t get the A level results you need

For many students, A level results day is one of the most anxious yet important days of the summer. It marks the day they find out their exam results and whether many have achieved their grades to attend university or college in September.

Many students find this time stressful, and dread finding out they did not achieve the A level results they desired. But don’t worry, we have listed what to do if you don’t get the right grades. There are always ways around. Don’t stress. Did you know you can re-sit exams and UCAS have options such as Clearing?

When is A level results day?

a level results day

A level results day is Thursday 17th August 2023. This is the same date for AS and T levels. You will typically be able to receive your results from 8am at your school or college.

How do I get my grades?

Students can travel to their schools and colleges to collect their results, they will usually come in an envelope. Check with your local school or college to find out exact times to arrive. If you are away on the 17th of August and can’t pick up in person, you can request to receive your results via post and email. You can also log in to UCAS Track on the 17th August and see if your university applications have been successful.

What does Clearing mean?

What is Clearing?

Clearing is available to anyone who has made a UCAS Undergraduate application and does not have any offers for university, usually due to not achieving the grades the university course required. Although there are many reasons why you may apply for Clearing such as; you’re applying after June 30th, you didn’t receive any offers you wanted to accept, you didn’t match the conditions of your offer and because you paid the multiple choice application fee.

How does Clearing work?

A level results

Clearing matches students to university places that haven’t filled. You can search the courses available using the search tool on UCAS. Once you find a course that suits, you can call the uni to see if you make the requirements and if they still have the vacancies. If they hand out an offer, you can accept and track via UCAS. You may be charged £4.50 to go through Clearing if you only applied for one choice in your original application. If you choose to apply through Clearing, make sure you don’t rush to accept a course that isn’t right for you. Want to know more? Read our top tips for Clearing.

It is important to remember that Clearing doesn’t only display the courses that weren’t popular. There are many reasons why courses appear on Clearing, from applicants having a change of heart, to deferring a year.

Did you know that in 2020 73,000 UCAS applications used Clearing and 92% of all applicants received an offer.

You can find out more from UCAS about Clearing.

Can I re-sit my A level exams?

re-sitting a level exams

Don’t fancy going through Clearing? Did you know you can re-sit your exams? If you’re thinking about sitting the exam for a second time, here is what you should know.

You may not have got the grade you wanted or even failed the exam, if so you can apply to re-sit in the following May/June. You can re-sit these at your school or college and online. Bear in mind that re-sitting exams can be pricey. Some exams start at £175 and can go up to £400.

Look after yourself

Each year many students don’t receive the grades they wanted or needed but it is important to remember that a lot of students that use Clearing and retake their exams go on to be very successful and have great careers. There are always options open to you.

Good luck from all of us at Host!

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