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What to expect at a university open day

It can feel nerve-wracking when you start looking at university choices. From travel and leaving home, to the stress of the important upcoming life event. Are you attending a university open day soon? If so, read on to find out our top tips and guidance when attending an open day and the important considerations to be aware of in advance.


It is important to prepare for a university open day. Consider taking a notebook and pen for any notes or comments you may have. Take a bag too as you may be given information, leaflet and booklets (and maybe even some goodies).


It is a good idea to experience the journey to the university open day from your home. You can then reflect on the time and cost associated with being a certain distance from home.

Ask lots of questions.

It is common for student ambassadors to guide you through university open days. This is your opportunity to ask questions about life as a student in the location and university.

University talk.

Typically the university will start the day with a welcome talk followed by events and locations you may want to visit throughout the day. Most universities will give talks to prospective students about their institution, facilities campuses and general information. These talks are important to attend and listen to carefully, notebooks at the ready!

Subject talk.

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Most universities will offer subject specific workshops and talks. These are usually attended by parents and supporters as well, so if you are visiting with company, they may wish to join you. These talks are essential to learn more information about the course and of course to ask any questions you have.


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If you are planning on moving in to student accommodation, take a look at the local options whilst you are in the area. Some universities will arrange to show you accommodation options. If you are looking for student accommodation in the UK, we offer hassle-free, all-inclusive student accommodation in 18 cities and towns.

Applicant Days.

Have you heard of Applicant Days? If not, you may be asking what is an applicant day?Applicant days are an essential step in your university journey. They are subject specific days which give you the opportunity to learn more about your chosen university and course. Read our blog to learn all about applicant days.

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