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Tips on getting that graduate job

University can be fun. But what’s not fun is the search for a graduate job. Luckily, host have prepared a series of superb graduate job tips to make it that bit easier.

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Professional social media

It might be exciting to post that wacky picture, but is it worth it? Hiring companies will now check your social medias to find out further information on yourself. Therefore, it’s best to keep it clean and keep it private so you don’t ruin your chances of getting that graduate job.

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Upload CV to job sites

Making your CV as visible as possible will help boost your chances of employment. Therefore, uploading your CV to job sites online, such as LinkedIn is the smart move.  The easier it is for a recruiter to contact you, the easier it is for them to hire you. This is definitely an underrated graduate job tip.

Use graduate recruitment agencies

Applying for a graduate job can be an overwhelming task, which can be made easier by the help of a graduate recruitment agency. They will help you every step of the way. From understanding what career path is best for you, to receiving notifications of the best fitting roles available.

graduate jobs tailor

Tailor each application for each role

A tailored CV will not only boost your chances but of success will also allow you to align your experiences and skills to better suit the requirements of the company.  This way you make yourself more attractive for the company.


Ask people you know for job opportunities

Word of mouth is the most effective way to learn about things, information, people, and companies. This makes it a great technique for job searching. Ask people you know if they are aware of any job opportunities that might suit you.

Make yourself more employable

A big disadvantage graduates often have is a lack of experience in the roles that are of interest. If you know this to be true, rather than apply for roles you’re underqualified for, spend that time elsewhere. That time could be spent upskilling and boosting your employability.

Find out what skills and experiences you need, then figure out how you can get there. You’ve now finished university and have that brain itching to solve problems, let this be your first one and break it down. It may be disheartening but eventually you will get there.

Research hiring companies

By researching the hiring company, you will open yourself up too many benefits. Firstly, you get more information on the role you’re applying for, which will give knowledge how to impress an employer. Secondly, it will make you more prepared and confident in the answers that you have, putting you in the perfect headspace before an interview.

Additionally, this simple trick displays enthusiasm and motivation to work for the company, helping differentiate yourself from other interviewees. Your research could also lead to you discovering whether that company is even right for you.

the right job

Be sure it is the right job for you

When applying for jobs, it can be easy to lose focus and start firing on all fronts. Although this may help you get a job, it does not mean it’s the right one. What’s the point of all that hard work at university if you’re just going to get any random job?

Figure out what job is right for you, and then focus the applications. This way, you won’t waste your time on jobs that aren’t worth it.

Start-ups offer excellent value

Graduate schemes are very appealing and always seem to be at the top of graduate job tips, but they are not the only option. Just because a company is not running a graduate scheme does not mean they aren’t an option. Many start-ups offer new employees great value, with lots of opportunity for real world experience and progression.

don't give up

The biggest graduate job tip we can give is to never give up! This may seem easier said than done but you should always believe in yourself. Job hunting can be tough and gruelling. They seem to be fuelled by rejection and disappointment, but for every unsuccessful job application you should try to take away one bit of advice. This way after every application you will be that bit closer to your dream job.

If you want to delve deeper into graduate job seeking, then check out our blog with Yolk Recruitment.

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