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What’s it like for an international student living at Central Quay in Sheffield?

Guest blog – Lisi, an International student living at Central Quay, Sheffield.

Before coming to England, I saw information on the Central Quay apartments online; and I was attracted by the cosy room in an instant. It looked bright and comfortable and had a sense of home. As an international student studying in the UK, I felt that living in a room too big would feel empty; so I chose the en-suite room.

As for the decoration style and room size, you can look at the photos. But as a fellow student, I will talk to you about those who need personal experience to get the feeling for living here!

First of all, I’ll talk about the geographical location. Central Quay is about a 5-7-minute drive from The University of Sheffield International College building and the Meng Library. On foot, it’s about 10-15 minutes. I usually walk because from to the university there’s a path with less people so it’s a relaxing walk. I like to walk to enjoy the view and think about life. Sheffield is quite mountainous terrain, with some slopes.

If it’s raining we can take a taxi to university, which is fast, and the price is not too high. The apartments are not far from the train station or tram stop; the nearest tram stop is a five-minute walk away.

Back to the residential experience living in Central Quay’s room; the lights are warm yellow, you can adjust the brightness according to personal preferences. Daytime study can be tuned to the brightest, and at night time you can adjust to the sunset like the dark yellow, comfortable – sleep soon comes. But my favourite is to turn off the lights to watch a movie in the bedroom, there is nothing more relaxed than this!

watching a film in bed  cosy student room

It is worth mentioning that in Central Quay, you will have more opportunities than others to get along with local British students and even peers from different countries! Because this apartment is cost-effective, it is popular with students. (I have to say, I also look at the advantages of cost-effective). I live with my friends in the five-person flat, three of the roommates are British.

All three girls are Sheffield natives, still in university. Sometimes at the weekends they will ask us to eat and shop together, but also, they teach us to use different discount coupons, recommended delicious restaurants and good shopping supermarkets. We will also carefully prepare a rich Chinese dinner for us all to share.

With the guidance of British roommates, you can quickly avoid mistakes in the selection of food, in terms of price. In addition, during the holidays if you want to participate in social activities or go to the surrounding mountains climbing or buy tickets for travel etc., British friends are also a good hand!

One of the best things about Central Quay is that it has a stronger breath of life than other apartments. Every time I come back from university, I feel like I’m going home. It’s because the overall decoration here is a warm colour tone, and always hot and activity. When you walk through the automatic doors into the front room, you will find that there is the billiard table, there is always good pop music in the hall, and there is always people in the gym.

The staff at the Front desk have a special enthusiasm, they deal with any problem with a positive attitude and they are very patient when communicating. If you want to practice English, they are all very good teachers.

There is one thing I would like to emphasise in particular; Central Quay attaches great importance to Chinese culture, and even their staff are learning Chinese! Chatting to read pinyin, they want to read the name of every Chinese student occupant and say it the right way, it’s really very cute!

Sometimes we pick up parcels from the courier at the front desk, so we wanted to leave an English name convenient for them to shout, but this was rejected; they said “No, your Chinese name sounds cooler!” Well, this comment sounds cool, too!


Most importantly, the Chinese who live together in Central Quay are particularly cohesive. We were really lucky to meet a group of very loving fellow Chinese. Quite often we are up and down the stairs to borrow pots, to borrow salt or to help each other dye hair. We will also meet at the outdoor barbecue.


I remember the day of the New Year, a group of us Chinese students together, in the United Kingdom to do the first self-made dinner, after the first China Festival far overseas! Living here, you really won’t be alone.

food for chinese new year

Finally, I will share with you a little bit of life in Sheffield. Twilight West Street is the end of a day’s working life, the beginning of the night carnival.

sheffield  sheffield at night time

From a learning perspective, there’s the Meng (the Diamond library). If you’ve been studying for a long time, don’t forget to look up out of the window, the sky is like an oil painting and may bring you new inspiration.

library in sheffield  view from library sheffield

The Treasure Park of Weston Park, Sheffield, is not far from the library. In the Spring you can see the flowers and plants, ducks in the water. And in the Autumn, you can play ball, walk or picnic date. You can even, like the British, sit under a tree and read, or lie on the lawn to sleep, just for a moment, enjoying this wonderful youth time.

student relaxing in park  sunny day in the park

There is also Sheffield’s Darcy Manor, known as “Britain’s most beautiful manor,” which is the mansion of Mr. Darcy, who owns half of Derbyshire in “Pride and Prejudice.” In addition to the magnificent decoration in the house, as well as the collection of many 17th century huge oil paintings and art, and even a large number of exquisite Chinese porcelain, I am also impressed by the green grass and sheep seen along the road.

student standing in green field with sheep  manor in sheffield

In fact, there is much more to say… countless good memories. But memories are plentiful and cannot be repeated. Studying abroad is bitter and sweet, that is, in the future Britain you still need to be yourself. This road can be very tired. You have to learn to be independent and to bite the root of the end. But this road is very beautiful. You have to remember and stop to enjoy it, along the way everywhere is the scenery. Finally, I wish the university students a successful academic, youth is not negative!


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