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What makes The Foundry so great and why did I rebook?

Guest blog – Katie, second year student living at The Foundry, Leeds.

I’ll be spending my entire Nursing degree living with Host; from first year all the way to graduation. You probably think this is unusual, as so many students move into Hyde Park and Headingly. So why did I rebook and what makes student living at Host so great?

Student Living at Host

Firstly, moving in day: full of anticipation, fear and excitement. Like most students I was moving away from home for the first time. Yet, I didn’t realise how easy it would actually be to move into The Foundry. Being a brand-new accommodation, I assumed that things wouldn’t be as organised as they were. However, the check-in process was quick, easy and I was given all the information required and more; The Manager and Assistant Manager are friendly and are clearly passionate about the accommodation. I was shown to my room and I soon got settled in.


My initial thoughts were that I never wanted to leave my new flat; the kitchen was modern, spacious and even has the added convenience of a dishwasher (great for any student). Also, you’d be surprised how much stuff you can get in your bedroom; the under-bed storage is brilliant, and the wardrobe is substantial. I’d recommend using hangers that hang off each other for maximum storage.


Decorating is important for a majority of students because, of course, it needs to feel like home. I wanted to make my room cosy, but DO NOT stick anything to the walls – trust me the paint WILL come off! Instead, I plastered my wardrobe with photos, all the woodwork is safe to stick things to, including the bathroom door so you really can make the space your own.


One of my favourite things about the student living at Host is the luxury of having my own space to relax in but also having the choice to socialise with others when it suits me. The communal spaces on floor zero are fantastic.

Social spaces

For one, not many accommodations have a cinema room, so why not host your own movie night and invite your friends? Better yet, the staff occasionally organise movie nights and provide snacks too – it’s a great way to meet other students in the building. There’s also a games room which is a great area for socialising; it has a pool table, darts board and even a PS4 and Xbox One.


However, my favourite space is definitely the lounge, it’s huge – and yes, it is perfect for pre-drinking! Also, fundamental for any pre-drinks… there’s a ping-pong table! Personally, this is also my favourite space to study in as it’s a big open space with comfy sofas.


Once Freshers is over, and when you want to rid your beer belly, there’s also a gym with all the basic equipment. This is available at no additional cost and you can use it 24/7 – so there’s no need to splash out on a membership when you live at The Foundry.


When you have exams coming up and need to focus, the study rooms are perfect; I get so much more work done when I evade the temptation of my bed. But despite all this, it can be easy to get into the habit of staying in your room, so meeting people and socialising is down to you. Luckily, Host makes this process easier with the multiple events that take place, especially the Welcome Party.


Additionally, a simple way to connect with everyone is through social media; they have a Facebook and Instagram page, and The Foundry group chat is an easy way to interact with all the other residents.

Location and security

Another reason I’ve chosen to stay with Host is because of its location. Everything is literally a 20-minute walk away. The building is sandwiched between Burley and Kirkstall Road, which are part of the regular bus routes in Leeds. The Foundry even offer bus vouchers worth £60. I really recommend taking these as becoming bus savvy can save you so much money!

There is a Tesco that is a 10-minute walk away and there’s multiple takeaways and places to eat close by, such as Domino’s, pub-grub and Manjaros (a Nando’s spin-off).


For me though, safety is really important. I have many friends that have had issues in their student houses. But I live with ease knowing that any issue will be dealt with immediately as the maintenance team at Host are exceptional. They deal with anything ranging from a broken light to a leaking dishwasher. Also, using the online Portal to report any issues is effective and efficient and is actually really simple to use.

I feel safe at Host as there is always someone around. Security work throughout the night and you can also call if you have a problem.

It’s not easy being a student, but I can safely say that the staff at Host have supported me the entire way. When I’ve had a bad day, I look forward to coming back here and that really is so important. So, why would I want to leave somewhere where I’m happy, comfortable and safe? Overall, I can definitely assure you that Host is without a doubt ‘where students are at home’.

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Getting serious about the environment we live in.

To become more ‘environmentally friendly’, Host is launching the #HostEnvironmentalPledge campaign to encourage responsible behaviour and drive sustainability across our sites throughout the UK and Ireland.

It’s a simple campaign! If we can reduce our overall utilities (electric, water and gas) consumption by 1% then we will donate £10,000, 2% reduction means £20,000, 3% is £30,000 and so on, to 3 charities; BulliesOut, Planet Patrol and World Land Trust.

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