Making friends at University

Student Guest Blog – How I made friends at uni

Some of you might be going into university without any of your friends from back home. Unless you’re a social butterfly, making new friends is always going to be a daunting task. But once you do, it will make your university experience a whole lot better. Here are some things that worked for me when I had to spread my social wings.

If you are first year student, you will probably be in a shared accommodation with people you don’t know. Which is the perfect place for making new friends. Before you even start your first uni lecture you can get a head start in building relationships by getting to know your flatmates. The great thing about shared accommodation is that you meet people that are not on the same course as you. Which means you will make a group of friends with different interests to you who will teach you new things. And give you new perspectives on life.

Making friends at University Accommodation

Plus, having friends next door means that organising activities is that much easier since you are all under the same roof! I remember planning shopping trips and movie nights with my flatmates which gave me the opportunity to get to know them a bit better and bond with them more.

Making friends in your classes

Another easy place to make friends is in your classes. Most people think that because they are peers from my class, it means that we must talk only about schoolwork – which is not the case. The beauty of your classroom means that you have people that (most likely) have the same interests as you, meaning that building a friendship is going to be less of a nerve-racking challenge.

Making friends in your University Classes

Also, once you make friends with people from your class, it helps when you have to do group work or when you support each other for an assignment. Knowing your peers means that you will know each other’s strong and weak areas regarding the course. Finally, when you and your classmates have handed a piece of work and just need a break, it is good to spend time together since you are all on the same boat.

Forming bonds through doing what you love

One of the best places to make friends at university is clubs and societies. Most of the friends I have made since starting at Coventry University have been from me joining the Coventry University Karate Club. It has allowed me to pick up a new hobby and make friends while doing it.

Not only are we pushing each other to improve but we are also having fun and enjoying ourselves. I found that joining the Coventry University Karate Club has been one of the best ways for me to unwind from a long day of studying.  And focus my mind on something that is not an assignment!

Making friends at University Karate

When you are not doing club/society activities, you will be having social days. These consists of fun activities like watching a movie together, themed nights out or ice skating! The amazing thing about clubs and societies is that there is countless to choose from.  So, I encourage you to join one and I have no doubt you will make friends.

At the end of the day, I found that I was not going to make friends at university unless I put myself out there. Put yourself out of your comfort zone and trust me once you do, you won’t regret it!

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