Student recipes to try this October

You have probably heard all the jokes about ramen being the staple of all students dishes whilst at university, but you don’t have to eat unhealthy foods because you want to save money or think you can’t afford more nutritious meals. You can with a little planning.

National Curry Week is from 4th-10th October , and now might be the time to learn a few things in the kitchen.  With all recipes, the initial cost of buying ingredients to be used again will be higher to start with i.e., tomato puree, spices and  vinegar. It’s then all about just topping up on the main ingredients when you need them.


The beauty of curry is that it is so versatile, and you can put in as much effort as you want in the process. You can experiment with flavours and add all the spices that you want. Start with a basic curry powder, and then look to ingredients like cumin, coriander and turmeric. Don’t forget the onions and garlic.

Serve with rice or chips/garlic bread and store in the fridge for no more than the recommended two days. Here are a list of dishes that you can have a go at making.

Pasta Dishes

Pasta dishes are quick, easy and last for days (because no one can ever measure the right amount of pasta correctly) and so it will be well worth making a batch to keep you going through a long week of lectures.

  • Pasta bake. Make with tuna or bacon, add as much cheese as you like. Can be stored for up to 5 days in the fridge so perfect to make in batches.
  • Lasagna. Whether you want to stir in pesto or stick to traditional tomato, lasagna can be prepared and ready to serve in under an hour.
  • Spaghetti Bolognese. This classic dish will require beef mince, garlic cloves, onions, a sauce of your choice, and extras like celery, carrots, bacon etc. Follow the easy recipe here.

Egg-sellent dishes

If you want a study break lunch that’s easy to make over and over, there’s nothing quite like eggs. They go with mostly anything, are filled with protein and are inexpensive. Hard-boiled, fried or served in an omelette with ham and tomato. Also easy to store and full of health benefits.


This tasty dish will require canned tomatoes and beans, and you can add in any meat you like (for a vegetarian option, add vegetables like peppers and celery) and experiment with different spices. Chilli is perfect to serve as a meal with friends to sit down to a movie with. Check out how to make it here.

You can check out our blog about some helpful food apps for meal planning. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates.

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